Why Should I Take the Do Your PARTner Challenge & How Do I Join?

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Would you like more passion in  your relationship? More intimacy in your life? More connection with your other half?

Are you struggling with not feeling sexy, having a disinterested or distant spouse, or questioning if the “fun” chapter of your relationship is over?

I have a free challenge that is just for you!!!

As a new mom, it was easy to put my partner last, find blame in everything he wasn’t doing, and disconnect from that part of our relationship. There is just so much going on, no sleep, your body is out of wack, hormones all over the map, and the extra weight can leave you feeling less than sexy.

This 8 week challenge is going to walk you through daily tips and questions, weekly challenges, and more, all with putting that spark back in mind.

I am so excited to have paired up with two amazing women to bring you this challenge!

Vera Casey is the founder of Sex Doula and Alicia David is a successful Pure Romance representative. Both women are passionate about you having better sex, feeling more connected, and getting your personal questions answered, in or outside of the group.

I am here to help you find your confidence, appreciate your body, and set healthy boundaries, in order to give you the right mindset for passion.

In our private Facebook group, of women only, you will have direct access to the 3 of us, to support, educate, and inspire you over the 8 weeks.  Plus you will have a buddy to keep you on track. We even have a fun point system for prizes and some awesome reading along the way!
We start Tuesday September 5th and we hope to see you there =)

Just fill out the form below and follow the steps that will automatically arrive in your email inbox, to join us!

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Last Name

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*Deadline is 8/31 to join. 

*Not open to anyone working with another Beachbody Coach (besides Amber or Robert Snow), any Pure Romance reps (Unless on Alicia’s team), or any distributors for weight loss products of any kind.  

*Open to US and Canada residents only. UK residents please email amber@creatingadestiny for alternative instructions. 

*You will be added to mailing lists for all three ladies. Please unsubscribe if you do not wish to get our newsletters. 

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