“Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.” ~J.K. ROWLING~


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I am from Seattle, I was born into a dysfunctional family (as we all are) that ate too much and used food to celebrate, to feel better, to do pretty much everything. I was chubby after about age 7 and there was no shortage of being reminded of my weight by the people around me. Had a lot of eating disorders in high school, I was so fussed about my weight I’d pretty much do anything to be thin, I had a terribly distorted body image. I was bulimic for a while, I remember the month before prom I ate almost no solid food at all. I drank and smoked to cope but like food, that’s only temporary.

When I was 21 I started working out, I got down to a size 10, but it was crazy what I was doing to myself. I worked out for hours a day, took metabolife like crazy (hello epherdera) and ate the same thing every day for a year, which was way less than I should have been eating. Of course that wasn’t sustainable. I eventually got too busy with college and life to keep it up and started to gain weight again. At 23 my thyroid issues kicked in and frankly I hit the bottle hard to cope with that and the terrible relationship I was in.

I ended up getting married and buying a condo, both two of the biggest mistakes of my life, I ended up getting up to at least 246 lbs ( I say at least because I didn’t weigh myself for a few months into my weight loss so my “before” weight is actually unknown) before I got divorced, filed bankruptcy, and short sold the house. I was 27 and looking around at my life like it was over. I was depressed and lost it was terrible. I hit a point where I no longer saw the point to living. It was a really dark place and I needed a way out. I started a post-divorce bucket list, and on there I wrote “run a 1/2 marathon” knowing full well I’d never run more than 2 minutes in my entire life. I met my coach Ai and she introduced me to Turbo and Shakeology, both of which changed my life forever. I will always believe she saved my life that day, and I owe her more than she’ll ever know.

I started drinking Shakeology every day and running at a local lake at the crack of dawn every day, I remember I was in so much pain and sometimes I would cry and just run through the tears because the emotional pain of my life was way worse than anything my body could dish out. I started doing Turbo as well, which was so much fun i just loved it. I lost 30 lbs that 4 months and I ran (uh walked & jogged) that 1/2 marathon at Disneyland in September. It was the most incredible feeling. With that said…I’ll never do it again lol!

I eventually got certified to teach Turbo live (Turbo Kick) which was an amazing accomplishment. At that point I had lost almost 50 lbs. Then a met a boy…and man do they mess things up 😉 In the most amazing way of course. I stayed with my fitness but I didn’t lose any more weight. October 2010 I fell (thank you 5″ heels, rain and vodka) and was out of commission for almost 6 weeks.  Which of course were the 6 weeks of the holiday season, disaster! I gained 8 lbs, I was at 199.8 and I freaked out, I was NOT going back over that 200 lb mark!!!!!

I decided to really commit to myself and to Beachbody coaching. I started 1.11.11 with the 3 Day Shakeology Cleanse and lost 6 lbs in those 3 days, it lit a fire under me to keep it going. I started back up with Turbo Jam and decided to start a women’s fit club in my area in February, it has been an amazing source of motivation and positivity for me. I started P90X in March, terrified that I’d never finish, that it would be another thing I got bored of and was too hard. And yes there were days where both those things were true, but I never gave up ! I ended that 90 days with another 3 day cleanse and ended that adventure at 177 lbs.


I  now have a team of over 1000 incredible coaches under me and over 10,000 fit and happy clients. I have the incredible support of an amazing man, who has jumped on the fitness bandwagon with me, puts up with my loud TurboFire workouts, my occasionally terrible cooking as I learn, and my very early morning personality. I also have a best friend who realized early on it was better to be involved than to try and stop me 😛 I couldn’t have done it without both of them!

My goal weight has been 160 since I started, I am at 156 now and am really enjoying the new found focus on food in my life, learning how to cook, teaching myself to like foods I thought I hated before. I really do enjoy my life so much now, it’s incredible. People that see me say I am a whole new person, and I completely agree 🙂 I may want to own a fitness studio someday, but for now I just want to help as many people as possible feel this good :0)


Email me at ambersfitness@gmail.com if YOU are are ready to start your own transformation story!!!

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