What is Mindset Nutrition & Why is It Different?

After 20 years of trying everything on the market, I can say that there is nothing out there like this approach to food. Nothing that addresses the whole person, customizes to each member, yet remains simple and quick to execute. I have seen people try everything from quick fix wraps, crash diets, restrictive fad diets… Continue reading What is Mindset Nutrition & Why is It Different?

I Can’t Afford a Challenge Group: What Should I Do?

This is a very common concern, and it’s possible, with your current habits, and current spending, you might not see the available money. I totally get that! I spent most my money on Taco Bell, vodka, and cable TV when I was starting my journey, so I am not saying a thing. What I can… Continue reading I Can’t Afford a Challenge Group: What Should I Do?

Ashley Timms

I have tried almost every fad diet out there including weight loss surgery which turned out to be a disaster.  I am so glad I was provided with the tools to do this the right way and to be given a second chance at life.  There will no longer be those moments where I am… Continue reading Ashley Timms

Brenda Anderson

My transformation took me 16 months but a 152# loss totally changed my life….it gave me my life back! I struggled with emotional and stress eating mixed with being on a weight-loss roller-coaster my entire adult life.  I used 9 different Beachbody workouts within those 16 months and Shakeology to achieve my goal with the… Continue reading Brenda Anderson

Ashley Rein

I have been able to lose 40 lbs and keep it off. I am officially off my blood pressure medication!  (No meds whatsoever now) I can now walk around and run around without having any pain in my knees due to the weight I was carrying around.

Angel Casabar

This is a picture of me at 3 days after having my baby and then at 6 1/2 weeks after having my baby. Thanks in large part to Shakeology since my physical activity is being limited by my OB for recovery after having my daughter.

Karla Marroquin

I decided to start my journey 1 year ago after crying in front of the mirror every time I had to try on my clothes before going out. Winter used to be my favorite season since I could hide behind a sweater, jacket, and sweatpants. I am a happier, healthier person now who is loving… Continue reading Karla Marroquin

Christie Lee

I have so far lost an amazing total of 80 pounds.  I have completed T25 (2Rounds) p90x3, Les Mills Pump, just starter 21 day Fix and this is just the beginning…

Jamie DeLorme

I have lost over 65 pounds through hard work, good nutrition, a positive attitude and never giving up!  I have PTSD from rape, Major Depressive Disorder, Anxiety Disorder and a defect in my spine – I understand hurting both inside AND out.  I am a work in progress, and have learned that as long as you… Continue reading Jamie DeLorme