My Story

At 27 I was almost 300 lbs, bankrupt, divorced, and suicidal. I had been overweight since childhood and had tried ever diet under the sun. The situation seemed hopeless and I had to make the active choice to LIVE every day.

I had no idea what that meant, but I knew I wasn’t done here yet.

One morning at my lowest point I met my Coach. She introduced me to the Team Beachbody community, which changed my life forever. I will always believe she saved my life that day, and I owe her more than she’ll ever know. I started to feel results way before I saw them. That feeling of doing something good instead of destructive wasn’t natural, but I wanted more.

After starting on my journey I realized I needed to be held accountable to making sure THIS was the time I kept the weight off for good. I decided to start helping other people get started too. We were able to make changes together and it kept me on track. I discovered the amazing power in being a Coach.

For the past three years I have kept my weight off, learned a ton about fitness, and even more about people. I have been inspired, empowered and connected like never before. I spend my days connecting with people who are where I was and I get to lead, teach, motivate and drive them to their own personal goals every day.

It is my passion to help people find strength and freedom in fitness, finances, relationships, personal development and more. If there is anything in your life that is missing, I am sure I can help you find it. I’ve heard it all, I can’t be shocked, and I never judge. Please reach out to me, you have nothing to lose but the weight

When do you think YOU are going to get started?

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