What is Mindset Nutrition & Why is It Different?

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After 20 years of trying everything on the market, I can say that there is nothing out there like this approach to food. Nothing that addresses the whole person, customizes…

I Can’t Afford a Challenge Group: What Should I Do?

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This is a very common concern, and it’s possible, with your current habits, and current spending, you might not see the available money. I totally get that! I spent most…

Ashley Timm's Transformation

Ashley Timms

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I have tried almost every fad diet out there including weight loss surgery which turned out to be a disaster.  I am so glad I was provided with the tools…

Brenda's Transformation

Brenda Anderson

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My transformation took me 16 months but a 152# loss totally changed my life….it gave me my life back! I struggled with emotional and stress eating mixed with being on…