I Can’t Afford a Challenge Group: What Should I Do?

This is a very common concern, and it’s possible, with your current habits, and current spending, you might not see the available money. I totally get that! I spent most my money on Taco Bell, vodka, and cable TV when I was starting my journey, so I am not saying a thing.

What I can tell you, is that I personally ended up saving money after investing in my health. I was amazed when I saw it in black and white, but it was so true. I had written a post, about Why is Shakeology so Expensive, which is more about the value of the product, but this is about the actual savings people experience.

I’ve asked in my groups, how people have SAVED money, by joining a group with me, and the answers are pretty much all the same as my own: 

Meal planning and prepping!!!! Helps with sticking to a list and there’s less food waste. ~Jen B.

I am more conscious of how much I spent eating out or purchasing junk food. ~Jeka R. 

My Shakeology has curbed my late night Dairy Queen blizzard runs which saves me money and calories! Double whamo! ~Sherrie G. 

Stopped paying for overpriced unhealthy food. Quit drinking soda. Meal planning and not pigging out! ~Denielle B.

Not spending all that money on eating fast food for lunch everyday! Also all the trips to the gas station and those late nights at Denny’s stuffing my face with pancakes. Plus, I used to buy a Ben and Jerry’s, at least twice a week, and those are so expensive! ~Larrisa C. 

This group definitely made me aware of Beachbody On demand, which is much cheaper than a gym. And it has classes at times that are convenient for me! We also save money at the store by have a defined meal plan. ~Laura F.

Having more energy and desire to do free outdoor activities as opposed to paying for entertainment. ~Bethany M.

I stopped my Starbucks runs. Meal planning! ~Karen D.

Less food waste and better planning for meals so I shop smarter. Which also leads to less eating out whether it’s at the salad bar at Hy-Vee or driving through somewhere. Fewer caffeine stops (coffee and pop). ~Erica M. 

Grocery Bill- AMAZING how portion control is cost effective! ~Sue R.

Eating clean. It saves sooo much money. Shoot I am able to buy presents in advance and stock up in thanksgiving stuff. We almost never eat out when we do it more of my daughter eating while on a mother daughter date. Since I am a single parent, no child support, saving this money is a life saver. Especially with all these medical bills. I am paying those off and when i am healed eating clean will save me doctor visits lol, since i hopefully wont need any more surgeries. ~Samantha S. 

Omg no soda and monsters everyday saves me HUNDREDS every month!!! I’m eating and snacking way less so there’s at least 100 bucks there!! Even adding shakeology, still I save so much. ~Kelly B.

Not ordering delivery has saved me SO much money. I used to order food multiple times a week. Now my fridge is almost always stocked with quick, easy, & healthy foods and snacks. I’ve also significantly cut back on drinking. ~Amy P. 

Not paying a gym membership (I would pay $20 a month now I have weights and DVDs at home I don’t have to pay that fee anymore). Not Having to buy new clothes because I’m starting to fit into my regular ones again. Meal planning & only eating that food so no extra wasted food. ~Nicole C.  

Since doing Shakeology I don’t crave sweets so saving money on that and the group makes me think about eating healthy all the time. That doesn’t happen all the time but more times than not so that saves me money too! ~Barbara G. 

No more Starbucks!!! I think that alone has covered the cost of my Shakeology. ~Amber T. 

Countless dollars on empty calories that serve no purpose. I went to the store yesterday to meal prep with a plan i looked down and my cart and surprised myself with everything. Wasn’t even tempted to get anything else. ~Debra J.

All the above: no fast food, my Starbucks gold status may be at risk (poor me ?), and staying on track has absolutely saved money. Even better, since I’m buying specific things and not being spontaneous in my eating habits, my overall budget is clean…. which allows me to focus on saving for beneficial things in my healthier life.  ~Jennifer W.

I don’t really eat out (saving a bunch here because I used to eat lunch 5 days a week and at an average of $10 each lunch that is $50 a week and $200 in a month), I find free active activities to do around town, with meal planning I only by what I need so no extra junk in the cart. ~Jeanie L. 

Not eating out as much! ~Jennifer D. 

When I’m lazy and not on point will meal prep I spend at least $10 per day at work. When I prep like this week. No money spent. ~Tommi E. 

I was a Starbucks every day, pizza at least once a week type of girl before shakeology! I save so much just there alone!! ~Stephany D. 

Drive-thru breakfast food bill, it was so much more then a bag of Shakeology. ~ Sue R. 

I got all of these replies in a just one afternoon!  I am sure the list would be hundreds more just like them, if I asked in every group I ran.

The fact of the matter is, there are choices in your life you can make, to reallocate the budget you have now, and make this fit. It is not an extra, it is you taking care of YOU, and having the support, accountability, and tools to make the right choices long term.

One activity you might do, is go through your last 3 months of bank statements and just add up food costs. All of them. Grocery stores, stops at 7-11, drive through, dinner with friends, breakfast on the way to work, coffee trips, etc and see what you are really putting out each month.

I hope you’ll rethink your choice and join a group with me! Just fill out the form at the TAKE THE CHALLENGE page, or reply to the last email we were chatting on, to keep our conversation going.

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