For Beginners Only workout: Is it right for you?

Are you new to fitness? Starting over? Wanting to get back to it after a long break? I have something FOR YOU ????
I recently completed a new fitness program that changed the way I looked at getting people started. I absolutely loved the way it was accessible for all levels, included education without being condescending.
I especially loved that it left me feeling a little sore, without making me feel defeated or like I couldn’t keep up. It was the PERFECT place to start.

Mindset Makeover

Join myself and my personal mindset coach for a FREE webinar on how to break through your mindset barriers and find success. In just 45 minutes you will be given a shift in perspective, recognize some patterns in yourself, and get some tools to make a change. If you can’t be there live, you will… Continue reading Mindset Makeover

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10 Boundaries to Save Your Sanity Through the Holidays

Boundaries matter all year round. There are boundaries in relationships, boundaries at work, boundaries with your children, extended family boundaries, and so much more. 

During the holidays there are specific boundaries that play a bigger role, or might feel harder to set. Setting boundaries can completely transform your holiday season.

Is Sure Thing Right for Me?

What is Sure Thing? The Sure Thing workout is a comprehensive 8-week program that starts with a science-based approach to fitness called “TYPE TRAINING™.” Megan Davies is the trainer, and she wanted to make a program that was based on how she actually trains. It alternates weekly between endurance and power-based strength training plus cardio… Continue reading Is Sure Thing Right for Me?

Favorite Fall Vegetables… and What To Do With Them

I love eating seasonally. I find seasonal food to taste better, and it’s usually drastically cheaper to eat in season. As the summer ends, and the bright sweet fruit selection start to disappear from the produce section, some awesome fall vegetables take their places. Not only will you start to see fall décor all over… Continue reading Favorite Fall Vegetables… and What To Do With Them

What is 645? Mobility & Strength for CONSISTENT Results!

What is 645? Strength. Power. Visible results. Amoila Ceasar has cracked the code training professional athletes to get the most out of their workouts without jeopardizing their game-time performance. His secret? Respect the body and don’t overtrain. This is the model for his revolutionary new program.⁠⁠ Check out this quick 2 minute promo video (from… Continue reading What is 645? Mobility & Strength for CONSISTENT Results!

Nurture Life vs. Yumble Kids Review

Have y’all seen these ads on your social? They weren’t just stalking me right lol??? 👀👀👀 If you don’t want to read, and just want the codes, here you go: Free week of Yumble https://bit.ly/3wUJGVNFree week of Nurture Life: https://www.nurturelife.com?referral_id=U1DJOF I was recently talking to my naturopath about the space I was stuck in my… Continue reading Nurture Life vs. Yumble Kids Review

What’s the deal with Let’s Get Up!?

What is Let’s Get Up? Like nothing you’ve experienced before, Let’s Get Up is dance fitness that turns each workout into a celebration of self-confidence, body positivity, and joy 🙌 Whatever your motivation (losing weight, toning up, getting healthy, or showcasing those sweet dance moves on social media), Shaun T is going to deliver with… Continue reading What’s the deal with Let’s Get Up!?

How to Stay On Track with Your Health & Fitness During the Fall

Fall can be a great time of year when you prepare yourself for success. Avoiding holiday blues and staying on track with your health goals IS POSSIBLE.  Keep your mind, body, and spirit healthy and happy with a few simple tips. Gratitude Yay! We made it to another change of seasons! Every new day is… Continue reading How to Stay On Track with Your Health & Fitness During the Fall