Nurture Life vs. Yumble Kids Review

yumble or nurture life

Have y’all seen these ads on your social? They weren’t just stalking me right lol??? ???

If you don’t want to read, and just want the codes, here you go:

Free week of Yumble https://bit.ly/3wUJGVN
Free week of Nurture Life: https://www.nurturelife.com?referral_id=U1DJOF

I was recently talking to my naturopath about the space I was stuck in my mind about dinner. Pre-kid I just ate the same thing all the time and didn’t worry about it.

With a child I want to make sure her body is getting different micronutrients she needs and that she is constantly being exposed to new foods so she doesn’t become “picky”. ?

As the world opened back up so did her activity life. Cooking dinner every night didn’t align as easily for us. We ended up eating out about 3 times after an activity before I was like ABSOLUTELY NOT ???

I will not become the mom that feeds you whatever because we are too busy going from sport to sport. I’m not going to have you using your body and then turning around to fuel it with poor ingredients.

I scoured the internet for codes (because your girl does NOT pay full price for things lol) and got myself a free week of each of these popular pre made kids meals.

We got them both and I wanted to share my thoughts on each of them. If you don’t want to read all the details, just scroll down for the winner and check the comments for a free week from BOTH places so you can decide for yourself.


➡️➡️➡️ Here are my comparison points: ⬇️⬇️⬇️

? Cost: Yumble has meals from $5.99 to $9.99. Nurture Life are all $7.99
? Food Taste: Nurture Life food had more flavor. More than once I was jealous of Dezzy’s food lol.
? Plan sizes: Yumble has actual plans for set sizes of meals, 6, 8, 16. Nurture Life is a per meal cart with a $39 minimum.
? Organic Options: Nurture Life had more organic options. Both have some organic choices.
? Gluten Free Choices: Nurture Life had more gluten free options. Both have some GF choices available.
? Serving Size: Nurture Life had bigger serving sizes.
? Packaging Waste: It’s a tie. Almost the same packaging. All recyclable.
? Freezing: Nurture Life meals can be frozen for 90 days. Yumble says not to freeze their meals.
? Delivery Area: Nurture Life delivers to the entire US, Yumble does not yet cover the entire US.
? Kid Appeal: Yumble had more “kid food” like pizza pockets and such. Dezzy is not used to eating those foods so it did not make a difference to us.
? Shipping: Nurture Life has free shipping at $75. Yumble has free shipping only on the 16 meals weekly plan (which is about $100). Nurture Life is $8 shipping, Yumble is $5.99.
? Sodium: Packaged meals always make me cringe with the sodium. Nurture life has about 2/3 the sodium in comparable meals. In the meals pictured there is 260 mg more in the Yumble meal.
? Variety: Yumble had slightly more choices, I believe it was 30 on Yumble and 26 on Nurture Life.


In the end, I felt like Nurture Life fit better for us. A little funny detail, they have food pictures on the front and Dezzy really liked to pick the food based on picture, so that was super helpful. They are my overall winner!

What do you think? Is this something that would help your family?
*Note on my picture – I added the fruit to the Yumble meal. That was not included. I wasn’t ever planning on doing a post about this, so I didn’t take intentional pics to compare.

Free week of Yumble https://bit.ly/3wUJGVN
Free week of Nurture Life: https://www.nurturelife.com?referral_id=U1DJOF

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