What is 645? Mobility & Strength for CONSISTENT Results!

What is 645?

Strength. Power. Visible results. Amoila Ceasar has cracked the code training professional athletes to get the most out of their workouts without jeopardizing their game-time performance. His secret? Respect the body and don’t overtrain. This is the model for his revolutionary new program.⁠⁠ Check out this quick 2 minute promo video (from before it came out last year) for an overview of what this program looks like.

Why Didn’t I Want to Do 645 When It Came Out?

Y’all. Let’s keep it REAL. I took one look at this program and was like HA! Hard pass. Why? Because who the hell has 45 minutes a day lol??? 6 days a week? I’m sorry what? No thank you.

Then to find out it was 12 weeks long, plus a performance final week? YEAH RIGHT. I’ve usually got about 3 weeks in me before I’m off to the next thing. I almost never finished programs that were 30 days, or 8 weeks. Was I just gonna be a new person all of a sudden?

This seemed like it would be a waste of my time to even start with honestly. Luckily I take my coaching career seriously and ordered it because “it was my job”. Yeah I literally said that to someone. I started with the group and I wasn’t even a week in before I realized this was like NOTHING I’d ever done before.

I realized that I didn’t need to be a different person, because THIS was a totally different workout.

Why Am I Obsessed with 645 Now?

Okay first thing first, it’s not 45 minutes of working out. It’s 10-20 minutes of MOBILITY work to start each day, 5 days a week. Plus a mobility workout day. Then there is a workout. Not sure what that means?

Mobility is the overall range of motion a person has within their body, most notably within the joints. NOT to be confused with flexibility. It’s not stretching, it’s using your body properly, getting things in alignment, and getting muscles activated, in order to do a workout.

This allows you to use the right form, avoid injury, squat deeper, and train more consistently.

So why does that matter? It is still 45 minutes right?

Yes, but here is what I found: I used to need to HYPE myself up hard for workouts. I needed pre-workout, a playlist, the right pants, the perfect bra, and a whole lot of motivation. Well guess what. I did not have that every day. Certainly NOT 6 days a week.

What I found with this was that I could start out with the mobility work and by the time the workout started I was energized and motivated! Instead of having to hype myself up BEFORE I started, I got hyped during that work.

That saved me so much time! No more taking my pre-workout just to end up washing dishes, or scrolling social, and eventually “running out of time” to do my workout and then just blowing it off lol.

All of this work helped me show up AND kept me from getting hurt, or overdoing it. I didn’t have to take a day off because my knee hurt. I didn’t crash hard after an intense day. I didn’t run into any of my “normal” fitness issues. I was able to show up day after day!

This allowed me a consistency I have never had in fitness before.

I have learned to work SMARTER not HARDER.

What Is the Trainer’s Style?

I have had multiple people, some who are personal trainers, tell me that this program is the closest thing to having a personal trainer that they have ever seen on video. Amoila is so educational!

Because he trains professional athletes he deeply understands functional fitness. Fitness for REAL LIFE, not just the gym. He is also positive, intelligent, and funny. He’s not afraid to laugh at himself and the cast makes the whole thing super fun as well.

He built this program to have 3 phases on purpose. That way you can make it your own. Each person can decide for themselves when they move from phase to phase. Yes the program is 12 weeks, with that bonus week, as I mentioned, but really it’s however long you want it to be.

Want to repeat phase one for 3 months? Go for it! Want to do it for 4 days a week and take your time? Feel free. Want to stick with Phase 2 twice, before you take on Phase 3? Absolutely no problem. This could be the last fitness program you ever need.

I love that Amoila talks about reaching our OWN peak. We each need different things. I didn’t want to start this program because it was too long. Now I’m 10 MONTHS into doing it and I have no intention of stopping. I plan to do it all year long, at a minimum.

You can learn more about Amoila Cesar HERE.

What Results Can I Expect from 645?

I obviously have no idea what you are going to experience. There are no guarantees and I am NOT making claims. All I can do is share my own experience with you. It has been amazing!

At the time of this post I have lost 30 pounds. I have also gotten rid of so many aches and pains from the misalignment I was working with before.

The program I did right before this had me at the chiropractor 2-3 times a week. I was icing things, getting acupuncture, and waking up stiff. My body had to warm up to the day, especially my lower back.

I haven’t needed ANY OF THIS in the last 10 months.

When I wake up my body just works.

My posture has completely changed. To the point that I had to sell my old sports bras and buy new ones. Almost none of my casual sports type bras fit either. I am sitting up straight and it changed my whole body.

People keep telling me I look so fit, healthy, and confident. To be fair, I am, but ya’ll my posture makes all difference.

Outside of the physical results, I am so proud of myself and I see myself in a different light. I can confidently say that I am a consistent person. I can count on myself to show up for ME and that is amazing.

I also feel so educated after hearing Amoila speak throughout this program. Learning that being overly sore is NOT good, and not a sign of a good workout. Finding out how many “fitness rules” are actually myths. Hearing him talk about studies and the reality of our environment.

It’s all been so cool!

*Note: The picture below is not me, it is someone from the program test group.

Who Should NOT Do 645?

I have two major warnings for people. Please don’t choose this program if:

1 – You are not comfortable modifying. Personally I did my first round of this program with a broken shoulder. I am very comfortable following the modifier, or even going a step down from her if I need to. I will lower my weights, or even just put them down. It does not bother me. I have some clients who take modifying personally and will actually be discouraged if they aren’t keeping up with the most in shape person in the cast.

This has never really made sense to me because these people are professionals. They are fitness professionals, trainers, athletes, actors, and models, very often. They also get to practice these moves before they film. I have zero expectation of being able to do everything on screen. Regardless it is real for many people and I don’t want to put you in that position if it’s going to make your mindset worse.

If you need a program that you know you can you do everything for, please reach out to me instead and let me help you find something else! You can always work your way toward this one.

2 – You are overweight, or out of shape, to the point that you cannot get up and down off the ground. I remember being postpartum and would literally get stuck on the floor. I would have to crawl over to a chair nearby and pull myself up. There is nothing wrong with this. That is where I started and I did my best. I made progress eventually and now I’m here!

The issue is that there are moves that are put together in a block and one will be standing, then down to the floor, then back to standing, and so on. You’re gonna spend your whole workout pausing the program so you can get up and down. I feel that experience would be frustrating and possibly defeating.

I do have a few fantastic workout programs that require no going to the floor at all. I am happy to connect you with one of those before you take this one on!

Do I need Equipment for 645?

Short answer: Yep!

The cloth loops are incredible, and they come with the package for 645, but if you already have everything you need for 645 you can just buy them separately HERE. They are NOT the rubber ones that you may have used in other programs. These stay put and have a great resistance.

In addition you need a variety of dumbbells. The size depends on how heavy you lift now. I use my 3s to 30s, just depending on the day. I don’t think you need to go buy out a local gym and have a huge selection of weights.

I always recommend starting with a few and buying as you need to go heavier. I have gotten my weights over years and years. You do need to have something to start though.

What Supplements Did I Use for 645?

As y’all know I drink Shakeology every day. That is not news I am sure. I also use our Energize Pre-Workout and our post-workout supplement called Recover.

Energize is an endurance and energy boost that helps you get more out of your workout, without the jitters or a weird crash after. I have used a lot of pre-workouts over the years and I like the subtle boost of this one! I am convinced that the lemon is the only flavor that works for me, so that is what I use.

The Recover is amazing. Possibly my all time favorite product.

It allows me to recover my muscles, and glycogen, in such a way that I am not overly sore or fatigued after hard workouts. Instead of feeling depleted, I feel ready to get to the next workout. It helps me lift heavier and get the most out of each workout, because I am properly recovered.

What’s really cool is that there is a discount package when you get the 645 workouts, the power loops, and the pre/post workout supplements together, so it’s almost like you are getting them for free. Incredible value!

Fill out my form below so I can get you the current discount rates.

How Much Does it Cost?

This is the question everyone wants to start with, which doesn’t make a lot of sense. It doesn’t matter how much it costs if it’s not the right program for you. Make sure what I have listed above resonates with you before worrying about this.

The cost is different for everyone. Many people already have access to the workout, and only need the loops. Some people have never done an online workout in their lives and we are starting at zero.

Maybe this isn’t the program for you to start with, and you want to start with something else, and work your way up to this.

Perhaps you want the performance and energy boost of the pre-workout, or the muscle recovery and care of the post-workout, or both.

Each situation is different.

I also have sales from month to month, occasionally promo codes, or discount packages.

For that reason I made this little form for you to send me your preferences, ask me questions, and give me your specifics. If you fill it out I can send you the price for what YOU need.

Fill out my online form.

Will I Have Support While I Do 645?

This is completely up to you! I am available for it and would LOVE to help. Some people don’t want my support, but if you are open, I can tell you that it does make a difference.

I have a messenger thread on Facebook Messenger JUST for my 645 clients. We have a really casual vibe and we have a special bond since we are doing the same program together.

I also have an incredible Facebook community for all my clients who are actively doing a program. That group has so many possibilities for you. You can get a buddy, participate in a daily check-ins, win prizes, access all our meal plans, and so much more.

Whatever fits you best is how we will connect.

Ready to Check Out a Sample Workout?

If you want to see what a real workout from 645 would look like, the sample workout is below! Keep in mind it’s going to be middle-of-the-road as far as intensity. This program is 3 phases so you may not do these exact moves until you graduate to them.

I really hope this answered all your questions and I look forward to hearing from you!

Talk soon.

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