For Beginners Only workout: Is it right for you?

Are you new to fitness? Starting over? Wanting to get back to it after a long break? I have something FOR YOU ????
I recently completed a new fitness program that changed the way I looked at getting people started. I absolutely loved the way it was accessible for all levels, included education without being condescending.
I especially loved that it left me feeling a little sore, without making me feel defeated or like I couldn’t keep up. It was the PERFECT place to start.

10 Ways to Stay Motivated This Winter

I run fitness groups all year round and every group has it’s challenges. The summer months people are traveling, in the fall they are busy and there is food everywhere. Winter always comes with “it’s too cold” and the ability to hide in our big winter clothes. It’s always something! I thought you might be… Continue reading 10 Ways to Stay Motivated This Winter