Healthiest Frozen Foods in a Pinch

Most people know that I usually cook all of our food. Even with traveling for a year, in our car, I had my slow cooker, my “good knife” and a plan lol. However, even then, it wasn’t perfect.

Getting pregnant changed things quite a bit too, since there were many things that immediately turned me off, as far as smell and sight, with cooking.

Luckily for me, I have enough experience that I can find some pretty great frozen options, without too much trouble.

I know not everyone wants to cook every meal from scratch, swear off your microwave, and only eat out of glass or BPA free containers. Not everyone is ready for that level of crazy =P

For the “regular” people out there, I wanted to pass on my healthiest frozen food choices, and some things I look for:

When I am looking for a healthier frozen food I am generally looking for something with very low sodium. It’s rarely labeled “low sodium”, because it doesn’t need to brag per se, it just IS.

I am also looking for meats without antibiotics, organic options, GMO free and gluten free. Not every food will meet all my standards, but they come pretty close.

1) Red’s: I came across Red’s because I got a coupon and I did a quick search. They are focused on organic, no hormones, no preservatives, and making it taste homemade. They have a few non dairy choices. Red’s does burritos, bowls, enchiladas, taquitos and breakfast burritos. You can check out their selection on their site.

2) Evol:  The actual brand is lower case, and it’s love spelled backwards, which is super adorable. evol is all about inspiring people to care about what they eat, with no antibiotics, no artificial flavors, non-gmo, and cage free food. They are also big on giving back. They have single serve meals, family meals, burritos, cups/bowls for breakfast or lunch, and breakfast sandwiches.   If you go onto their homepage, there is a $1 off coupon!

3) Van’s: Right when you land on the Van’s homepage, you see they are verified non-gmo, organic, gluten free, dairy free, corn free, egg free, nut free AND kosher. They have ALL the stickers =P They are focused on breakfast foods, and snacks, like granola, cereal, french toast, bars, etc. I fell in love with the gluten free waffles and it escalated from there. I didn’t love the apple waffles, but the rest were great. You can choose from a drop down on their site, and select your dietary restrictions, to see the products that fit you!

4) Amy’s: They are very focused on organic and non-gmo, and have vegan, gluten free and lean choices. Amy’s makes a large selection of items, they have meals, soups, burgers, wraps, canned foods, even candy and desserts. I like that you go on their site, in the products section, and actually select by category. I have never actually seen any of their desserts in person, but they are on the site!

I know the frozen food section can be overwhelming, and the loose labeling laws surrounding food, can make this confusing, but I hope this helps you at least narrow down the selection if you are looking for some healthy choices on the run!
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