People ask me all the time, “does Shakeology really work?” and “is Shakeology a scam?” and of course by the time I’m talking to them, many of them have tried every fad diet under the sun. My response to them is usually to ask them to watch this video:

Does Shakeology Really Work?

This is no diet shake, no quick fix, it’s real nutrition, safe and all natural, it’s the healthiest thing I put in my body all day! Contact me to find out how to get 6 free Shakeology shakes and free shipping on your order 😀


If you don’t want to talk to me and just want to order, you can do that to lol, just go to MY SITE 😀


  1. Hi Amber! I’ve been reading you Facebook page for a while now and it has really inspired me. I found out about you when I was on meetup.com looking for ways to get out of the house, be active and meet new people at the same time. You were the first group I joined. uNFORTUNately (because of my crazy work schedule and lazyness) I still havent been to any of the meetups/workouts. I have, though, joined a few walking groups and have been walking A LOT with them, which have already helped me lose some weight 🙂 I’ve also been eating better and I can totally see the difference in the mirror 🙂 I’ve lost only 8 pounds since january but it feels so good! I wanted to ask you more about this Shakeology thing. Is it a shake that I would take every morning instead of breakfast, for example? Or do I drink it anytime, instead of any meal of the day?
    Thank you so much! I’m also reading your blog… and by the way, tried to make a comment but it asks me to log in… and I cant’t find the way to sign up anywhere.
    Thanks Amber, and what a great job you are doing for yourself and others!

    1. Oh yay I found out how to approve comments loL! We are getting there 😛 Well CONGRATS on your 8 lbs girl, that is awesome. I am really glad you are finding success and I hope to get to meet you soon, should your crazy schedule and laziness permit it 😉 Keep it up!

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