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[toggles accordion=”true”] [toggle title=”Are these pictures really you?” color=”Accent-Color” id=”b1″] LOL yup! They sure are. Most of them were taking with my cell phone camera
or gotten of old tags on Facebook, so they look terrible but they are all
ME. I get a lot of questions about surgery, photoshop, skin treatments,
etc. Nope it’s all me in all my stretch-marked and lose-skinned glory. No
doubt if you’re on my team you’ll see me in real life in a swimsuit
sometime and you won’t have any more questions =P [/toggle] [toggle title=”Where do you coach?” color=”Accent-Color” id=”b2″] Great question! I can do 1-on-1 help anyone in the US, Canada or Puerto
Rico. I do run a fitness page for free that is open to anyone at
Fb.com/AmbersFitness and you can follow me on Instagram, Twitter and
Pinterest for motivation, tips and ideas.[/toggle] [toggle title=”Are you a trainer?” color=”Accent-Color” id=”b3″] Nope. I have no interest is being on an hourly clock, crazy underpaid,
working with people at 5 am in a cold gym just to be stood up by people who
slept through alarms! I kid of course, but really, I like FREEDOM so
working from anywhere suits me well. I know it sounds crazy that we can do
this all online, but we do! You will usually find me traveling the world or
parked in front of my computer with my hair up and yoga pants on.[/toggle] [toggle title=”What is a challenge group?” color=”Accent-Color” id=”b4″]There are so many different kinds of groups that it’s hard to narrow down.
The basic idea is that we have a group online full of people with similar
goals. Each person it matched with a program that fits their needs, goals,
likes / dislikes and schedule. We all start on the same day and check in
with each other. You can read more about my most common type of challenge
group at [challenge group page] [/toggle] [toggle title=”Will you really answer me if I email you?” color=”Accent-Color” id=”b5″]Yep. I read almost every email that crosses my “desk” with the exception of
spam and advertisements which luckily my amazing other half deletes for me.
I travel a lot so if there is ever a wait I might just be out of town, I
usually have my out of office reply on in that case. Usually you’ll hear
from me by the next day =) [/toggle] [/toggles]

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