5 Reasons to Detox Your Body

People will see me post 3 day results and for sure think I am totally full of it. They don’t get how there can be such a drastic change in only 3 days. What people don’t realize is that there is a lot more going on in the body than just fat or not fat.

Now  I do want to say that the word “detox” doesn’t sit super well with me, because the body can detoxify it’s self naturally. However it’s the most common word for hitting reset on yourself, so that’s what we’ll call it here.

I plan on doing a 3 day “detox” starting the day after 4th of July, between the move to CA, and the holiday weekend, I’m sure I’ll need it =D Here are some reasons you may want to consider doing it with us:

1 – Reset Bad Habits:  Sometimes our fast food trips, glass of wine with dinner, or energy drinks, can get a bit much. too many of those and it’s hard to just stop, because it’s become habit. Taking a focused, short, break with a detox is a great way to refresh your habits and get back on track.  This is something I LOVE doing after a trip or holiday weekend!

2 – Break Sugar and Carb Addiction: Maybe  you were just on a vacation and went a little crazy, or maybe it’s been months of choosing sweets and carbs, over the healthier choices. These things are actually very addictive and they feed off you continuing to eat those foods to the point of unbearable cravings.  By forcing yourself through the essential “withdrawal” process,  you are able to resist those cravings when your detox is done.

3 – Ditch the Tummy Bloat: All the things I’ve mentioned above, as well as over or under eating, stress, and processed foods, can really inflame the body. On a bad bloat day we can look like we’re pregnant! You’d be SO surprised how much of your mid section has nothing to do with fat, or your fitness. So much of it is about diet and digestion. This is a great way to get the mid section slimmed back down quickly.

4 – Increase Your Energy: All those poor choices totally zap your energy. Things like not enough water, backed up digestion, relying on caffeine and sugar, or eating processed foods, absolutely take it out of our bodies. When that happens we need MORE caffeine and sugar to get through the day. We’re toast by the time we get home, or the kids go to bed, and a workout is the furthest thing from our minds. The couch and remote is all we want.

5 – Jump Start Weight Loss: I love doing a quick 3 day focused refresh with anyone starting a new fitness program. One of the thing that increases long term commitment is momentum. The confidence that comes with quick, measurable, results keeps people going. You are more likely to want to continue if you are feeling excited about what you’ve accomplished so far.

I hope this gets you thinking a little bit about hitting refresh on YOUR body! I’m always just a click away if you need help or guidance with this =D


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