5 Steps to Launch (or Re-Launch) Your Coaching Business

I started coaching in 2011. That seems like a lifetime ago. I have had some amazing successes, and some really hard struggles. I have shared it all, without polishing up the ugly parts, and I have been part of the coach community no matter what.

The hardest time so far, was about a year after my baby was born, when I actually considered walking away. I can say, I am so glad I didn’t. Instead, I used 5 straightforward steps to re-lauch my business.

I struggled hard after becoming a mom. I dealt with PPA and postpartum PTSD. I moved 3 times, once across the country, and had a separation in my marriage.  Most people lose weight after giving birth, by a complication with breastfeeding medication packed an extra 40 pounds on me.

I was working full time, trying to lose weight, being a mom and all that comes with it, and I felt like I was failing as a coach. I actually called up my friend Leesa and told her that maybe it was over for me. Maybe I didn’t get to live this dream after all.

Not even a month later I was let go from the job I had just moved for. I was in a space of “are you freaking kidding me right now?” at how crazy my life was getting.

That same week, I was asked to be in the test group for a new mindset nutrition program and I knew it was a gift. I had a decision to make. Do I go ALL IN on this opportunity to live my dream again and spend my life helping others or do I go ALL IN on looking for a job and building someone else’s dream?

I told myself that I would never forgive myself if I didn’t bet on ME. I had to give this one more chance or I’d regret it forever. It’s not like the jobs were going anywhere, I could always look later if I fell on my face, so I went ALL IN!

The results were more than I could have imagined.

I beat every personal best I’ve ever had. New customers, team growth, income, and challenge group size. It was incredible. Right as I was about to count myself out, I ended up better than I had ever been.

So how did I do it? The same way I’ve had success every other time my business has gone well, by going ALL IN. I’ll show you how to do that with the 5 steps in this National Wake Up Call video:

Step #1 – Pick Your Launch Date

Choosing YOUR Launch Day is so important. Yes I emphasize YOURs! I am not talking about a program launch, but the launch of your Team Beachbody Coach business. 

This date is what you will base all the rest of the steps on. It gives you something to plan around and creates a deadline or yourself. This is key, as we all know the things that scare us the most, often need a little push.

Please hear me when I say that this does not have to be a product launch, or some special perfect date. It is really simple: Take a look at the calendar and pick something 3-4 weeks out. This will give you time to do all the other steps without feeling overwhelmed.

Not sure what looks good? Consider a mid-month, pay-day, or a mid-week event for ordering, which would have you launching the Monday after. You can start your groups on Monday, but people commit financially less often on Mondays, so picking a Monday AFTER a pay day is great. That allows people to order in time for your big launch.  

If you want to use a new program launch date, go ahead, if it fits, but if not, it doesn’t have to be something new, so don’t stress that.  ANY program can be NEW to you and your audience if you choose to make it so. The messaging is what matters most and we will cover that in step 3.  

Just pick a date and we’ll worry about the rest in the next steps!

Step #2 – Commit to ONE Program 

Okay are you ready for this? I’m going to ask for a big one here. I’m going to tell you to … ACTUALLY FINISH A PROGRAM lol!!!! More than that, I strongly suggest you do it more than once. Yes I want you to GO ALL IN on something we offer.

So what is all in? This looks different for everyone. I know it can be hard not to compare yourself to others but I really recommend that you be honest with your current capabilities and resources. Your all-in may not be the same as another person, but you can still COMMIT at your own level.

What is the ONE thing we can all commit to? CONSISTENCY. Just do what you’ve committed to, consistently! If you overwhelm yourself with everything you COULD do, you may not do what you CAN do.

It doesn’t matter how many hours you have for the business, you have to do a few non-negotiable items if you want to be a coach. One of those is your own journey, you have to be a proof the products work, and you have to be sharing it daily. Staying on a program is KEY to both of those things! No proof? No credibility. No sharing? No one knows what you’re doing. 

The first program I did was p90X no one cared about my workout posts on Facebook for at least 45 days or so. When I started getting into high numbers of days completed, people were so excited and happy because they realized I was going to do the whole thing. People start and quit fitness programs all the time. No one actually expects you to finish one because they don’t expect ANYONE to finish one. It’s not personal, it just is what it is. 

My friends and family bought in, when they realized I was ALL IN. You have to show up and outlast the people who expect you to quit. The consistent message is critical to building your credibility as a coach. 

I know I have a lot Beachbody On Demand people who say “I do what I feel like” when they workout each day. I am happy that you are moving your body, from a fitness standpoint.  Something to consider from a business perspective though, is that your audience doesn’t necessarily realize all these programs are Beachbody. They look at it through a different lens than you do. It can look like you are just jumping from one fitness thing to another, and you lose that consistent messaging that only comes with committing to a program to build your brand. 

Step #3 – Decide on Your Message & SHARE IT


The messaging is simply WHY You Love this Program. The reasons that it fits for YOU. The message you are inspired to share with others. 

Maybe you are a mom and you need shorter workouts or easy food. Maybe you love to workout at the gym but want to use the Beachbody programs because they help guide you to know what to do. Maybe you used to be a Group X groupie like I was, but your new job doesn’t fit the schedule of your favorite class. The programs that speak to us do so for a reason and that is what builds your message.

Please let me remind you that when it comes to coaching, it isn’t not about selling the new shiny thing or jumping on a quick bandwagon. It’s about getting results doing something you really like, that fits your life, and the person that you are. Your vibe attracts your tribe and you want to find others who would enjoy the same things you do, because their lives are similar, so don’t shove yourself into a box that you don’t fit into just because something is coming out.

Let’s say you are sharing the benefits of a program, like LIIFT4 for a month, and you talk about the time savings, loving being able to do cardio and weights quickly, living your life outside of your home gym, having time for being outside, or just being a mom and being tired. The people who love that are starting to connect with you. They are thinking about joining you. 

Then you switch to something that is very long, 6-7 days a week, and has a different focus, like 80 Day Obsession.  There is nothing wrong with that program, it’s fantastic, but you will lose the audience you have started building because the messaging around that kind of program is SO different. You force yourself to start all over again. We find people like us, but if the “YOU” changes every month, it’s hard for people to connect.

I’m not saying you will never find another program, or that product launches should be ignored, but it’s like a personal development book. Reading a personal development book multiple times has been proven to be more effective than reading new books, the same number of times. Going deeper makes a difference long term and helps YOU and YOUR audience stay focused. It’s important not to get distracted by shiny objects, like new product launches, IF you are in the middle of building momentum.

As you grow and change, your audience will too. For instance, if you started with YouV2 and worked up to Country Heat and then eventually took on TurboFire, you will have people that grow along side of you, having that same progress. When you meet people down the line, who are where you were when you started, you will have a nice path for them to follow, and you will be able to tell stories that they relate to.

Step #4 – Learn About the Program 


Okay, now that you have your date, you know what program you want to do, and why, take time to learn about the program. Please note how this step is NOT FIRST. Too many coaches feel like learning before they do, when this business is about DOING before you learn. This is a get-your-hands-dirty-risk-falling-on-your-face business! 

People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care so be about YOU, not the brand. If you focus on getting results, sharing, and connecting with people the value of your experience is greater than anything you can read. Please do NOT move this to step 1. It is NOT step 1. 

The great part of having so many resources available is that uou can use them to build your own confidence, but also to craft how you speak about the program in your social media posts, and in your private message conversations. Some things to know are who is this great for, how is this different than other programs, what results have people had, why would someone like this program? All of that would be helpful. 

I recommend reading the Product Tool Kits, following the program brand page and the trainer page for the program, and reviewing the Program Resources (PDF on BOD).

Here is how I would use the LIIFT4 Product Toolkit for instance: There is a product training guide in the toolkit. Right on the guide it says who the program is right for and why. It also tells you what accessories you need, what the best products are to cross sell with it, and which supplements would help with the program. How helpful is that? 

I personally feel more confident when I know about the features, and benefits, of the program. If I know what makes a program special, or who it’s right for, I can then talk about those things in my social media posts. I can also think of people who would love the program and invite them directly.

Knowing what’s in the meal plan, and following the program pages to hear from the trainers, helps a lot too.  I don’t think you need to get a degree in the program or anything, but knowing why it’s great, who to speak to, and what to say, is really helpful.  

Step #5 – Build Excitement for Your Launch 

TODAY create a Launch Party Group! This group is going to be the place where you build excitement for the big day. This is where you do full out marketing with no holding back.

We don’t do brand names, and program details in public, but here you can because anyone who expresses interest in what you’ve been doing, and sharing, goes into this group. You share the WHY they should join you in public, but the HOW, in here. 

Choose a group ordering date, prior to your launch day. This can be immediately before your launch day, because all our challenge group guides, have a prep week. I love that we have these amazing guides and it works perfect to have something to post while people are waiting for their items to arrive. If you plan to start your group on a Monday, your pre order day could be the Wednesday or Friday before. Or you could do a window from Wednesday to Friday, which is what I did for 2B. It works out perfect. 

In this group, commit to being present every single day from today until the day you launch. This is now where you work. Every post in this group is an investment into your future business. It’s really important to keep it fun and engaging, because active groups get seen in the feed, while inactive groups do not and you don’t want to be wasting your time. 

Some activities I suggest to keep your group exciting:

–> Events: When you make an event inside a group everyone is invited. You can do a preview workout all at the same time, or a live Q&A session.
FB Lives: Go Live and talk about something you learned about the program, your workout, or anything that comes to mind that would help. 
Prizes / Games: Keep it fun with some lighthearted games! 
Share B4& After Pics: Previous test groups have pics and they are often all over social media! There are also success stories on the Beachbody Challenge site as well. 
Beachbody Videos: There is usually a sizzle reel, a promo video, and an unboxing video, all available in the product took kit area. 
Your Own Results: Share your incremental results. Your Non Scale Victories and things that you are enjoying! 
–>Grow It: 
Ask for referrals of friend and family to the group (permission only) and make it fun. 

So what do you do on the order date? I recommend using Share a Cart!

Have the option for people to send in their order by using a google form to gather info for your Share a Cart. I would have more than just the program options there. Include an option for them to add on Beachbars or Energize. If there are accessories for the program, include those too! 

When you get their form send them a Share a Cart on and keep order day very exciting. Thank people for sending in their orders, and confirming their orders via share a cart. Tag them in the group so everyone sees it. Keep it exciting and fun! Don’t pick a day where you are very limited on time, pick one where you can give it some attention. 

Is everyone in your group going to order? Nope. Follow up personally with those that did not order during the order window. A lot of people just get busy or miss it. You may be taking orders via PM or text message too. That’s okay, make sure to celebrate those people too! 

If they don’t join you now, you have your follow up list for the next 3 months! Making Success Starters or shooting for the success club prizes can all start here. You already know they are interested so you know they want you to follow up. They may just have other things going on right now so you want to make sure you are there when they are ready! 

Where do you go from here? KEEP GOING! Use the list of people who were interested, but didn’t order, as your follow up list for the next 3 months AT least, and again in January. Keep sharing your message, keep building your tribe, keep going ALL IN and bringing people into your next groups. There is no limit to what  you can do with everything you’ve just created.

Whatever you do, don’t quit, stay on this path, and keep the momentum going.

I hope you found this valuable and I’m always here if you have any questions!

Thank you,

Mrs. Amber Snow

(aka Amber Scott)

*As Your Coach, I am Here to Believe in You Until You are Strong Enough to Believe in Yourself <3 *

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