A Typical Day of Eating

This is what a typical day of eating looks like for me. I felt the need to post it because I hear the craziest things about why people don’t want to get healthy and fit!

They tell me:
-I don’t want to just eat salads.
-I try but I get so hungry.
-I don’t want to cut out carbs.
-If I don’t eat (unhealthy thing) what’s left?
-I don’t want to drink diet shakes all day.
-I tried [INSERT SHAKE NAME] and I never got to eat any food.
-I need to chew my food, I can’t do shakes.
-I’m too picky to eat healthy.
-I just can’t give up [wine, chocolate, etc]

THE LIST GOES ON…and on…and on!!!

I’m over here like LOL OMG WHAT THE HELL??? What do you think is going on over here? Why do you think that is what you’re supposed to do? Good lord put down shape magazine and stop buying into the crazy diet fads. I’ve lost 110 pounds and I’m telling you there is a better way!

Anything that has you feeling deprived, starves your body, or is based on drinking shakes / eating powdered food all day, is NOT going to last for a life time. I know because I tried ALL OF IT for like 15 years.

I finally gave into REAL change, steady small progress, and a new lifestyle and it worked. I used to lose 10-30 pounds, and gain back 40. I’d stick to something for 3 weeks, hell even 3 months, and totally jump back off. I have been at this for almost 5 years now. It’s REAL <3

I have a support group here on Facebook, just for women looking to make these changes. We currently have 4 open spots, because of members who have graduated and headed out on their own, with their new mindset and skills.

If you would like to learn more about about food and fitness, and experience positive female friendship with this incredible group, PLEASE  go directly to http://bit.ly/noexcusesnovember and send me you goals, so we can chat directly 🙂

I hope you’re one of our 4 of course, but either way, I want you to understand there is a healthy way to have balance in your life while you make changes. I KNOW YOU CAN DO THIS <3 <3 <3
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