Chocolate Shakeology Avocado Pudding

Shakeology Chocolate Avacado Paleo Pudding

I would call this Paleo Chocolate Pudding buuuut, technically Shakeology does have whey protein in it. I still choose to drink it along side my paleo lifestyle, especially since the other 70+ amazing super food ingredients are considered raw, as they are never heated above 115° during drying. Rules are rules though, so I can’t call it that 😛

3 medium avocados;
3 Tbsp raw organic agave nectar;
3/4 scoop chocolate Shakeology
3 Tbsp almond butter;
1 tsp lemon juice;
1 tsp ground cinnamon;
Totally easy to make: Put all the stuff in a bowl or blender of food processor. Mix until it’s fluffy. Refrigerate until cold. Easiest dessert ever!

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