I Choose LOVE. #PrayforOrlando

Last night before bed, I just sort of sighed to my husband that I was sad.
I didn’t find any joy in any of my regular things. Church, yoga, cooking, etc were all covered in a quiet sadness.
Of course he asked why.
I was just so shaken that one person could do so much damage.
ONE broken, misguided, hate filled person, has the power to take the lives of 50 people, and alter thousands, on a whim.
ONE person shouldn’t have that much power.
I told my husband it just made me sad that I don’t see examples of people having that much affect, when they are filled with love.
Why don’t the people, who are as equally filled with love, have as much influence as those who are filled with hate?
How can any of us make any sort of difference, when we’re up against that?
He pointed out the very obvious fact that there ARE in fact those people.
They do not make it into our sensationalized media, or make headlines around the world, but they are there.
Love just isn’t newsworthy these days. It doesn’t mean it’s not still the most important thing.
We can never measure our true values based on the media or how many other people believe them. Why would I ever pick THAT yardstick to mean ANYTHING?
He reminded me, with that statement, that there is one way I can make a difference.
I can choose to be the love, to be the light, to be the little bit of hope, in as many lives as possible. I can choose to reject hopelessness and apathy, and choose connection.
The tattoo on my arm translates to Love Conquers All.
I got it a couple years ago, when I reached a point in my life journey where I let go of hate, putting up walls, blame, negativity, and doubt. It is a reminder that I’d rather live in love, even when it’s harder.
Today I am taking my own reminder. I know what my role is in this life.
I am getting right back to my regularly scheduled programming of sharing my soul, connecting with people, working to change as many lives as I can, and being the change I want to see.
If I get sucked into that darkness then hate wins and I won’t play a part in forfeiting to that. #LoveWins.
The light of my candle is not only here to light my way, and yours, but to light other candles as well.
There is no hate that will put out my light.
“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” ~Martin Luther King, Jr.
#prayfororlando #bethechange #lovewins #noh8 #loveconquersall

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