Empowerment is My Passion

empowerment of women
Something I was thinking about the other day is how interesting it is to hear what people think I do LOL. Sometimes I just get labeled as “the fitness girl” or that “shakeology” person. It’s interesting to me because I honestly think of that as such a small part of who I am. Hell most people know I don’t like working out and had bacon for breakfast, yes just bacon LOL  😀
Coaching is not my identity, nor do I want it to be. If it was, I’d have to base all my worth on my paycheck, my rank, my team size and my abs. I’m not interested on being “just” a Coach. It’s an INCREDIBLE career that allows me to live my passions, lets me grow, meet new people, travel, pay off debt, pay for the wedding of my dreams, and change lives every day. I LOVE IT.HOWEVER, everyone who truly knows me, knows that my calling is life is EMPOWERMENT.
It is my passion to give YOU the freedom of choice. Sometimes that is through helping you lose weight so you can have a more active life, play with your kids more, be more intimate with your spouse, go see the world, have the confidence to go get that dream job … any number of the side effects of being healthier. Sometimes it’s empowerment through personal development and helping shape the way you look at the world, and yourselves. Helping you understand the possibilities that TRULY exist for you, not the those made up BS stories you tell yourself that are holding you back.
I ask tough questions, tell you the truth, and will generally piss you off, right before you have the biggest breakthrough of your life. Other times it’s about education, teaching you how to run a business, behave on social media, maximize income, or think through your next business move. I love getting you to STOP AND THINK in any way I can. You will never catch me censoring myself if I can do some good with my words.Every month I volunteer at Junior Achievement of San Diego County, and every month all the parent volunteers who have kids in the class, or corporate volunteers who came as a group, as very confused about what I am doing there. I always just reply: “I loved this as a kid and I’m self-employed so I love to help”. Then I get to spend the day teaching future generations of business owners, listening to them, guiding them, supporting them, and being 100% present for them. Those kids remind me I’m alive!

Another huge passion of mine is the Planned Parenthood Action Fund of the Pacific Southwest organization. I wrote a very long post about that last month when I was finally able to attend their annual charity dinner. I believe so deeply in the work they do there and I volunteered for them for years as a young person. They were always so amazing with guiding me and teaching me. Now I’m able to volunteer AND give money every month. Nothing makes me happier than giving back all they’ve done for me.

There is no doubt that biggest part of my heart lies in the time I spend volunteering with Benchmark Courses shaking up peoples self-doubt and helping them see the real true person they were meant to be. I help get people the eff out of their own way, connect with each other, experience love and acceptance like never before. Peoples whole LIVES transform in my presence and it continually renews my faith. There is nothing more rewarding and I’ve never felt more whole or true to my soul than I am with them.

Coaching is not my identity. It is something that allows me to live my true purpose in all areas of life, including my career, which is an incredible blessing. I wear many hats, as do all of you. Friend, sister, mother, wife, employee, caregiver, lover, student … you are so many things. SO AM I. I can empower people FOR an income and use that income to empower MORE PEOPLE. All of my hats have one thing in common, a deeply burning passion for doing something worthwhile with my short time here on earth. Please don’t forget it’s never about the money, it’s about what you DO WITH IT. I know my self worth, you know where to find me if you need helping finding yours <3


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