Failure is the Only Acceptable Option

Are you afraid of failure?

I’m not.

To me failure is the only acceptable option.

I lift weights, the heavier the better, and I never lift anything I can finish. If I can get through the whole set / class / DVD without absolutely needing to drop my weights, it’s a waste of time.

You see, the reps you do that lead to failure are the ones that create change. They are the ones that tone, shape and strengthen. Muscles don’t grow unless you push them past what they are capable of. Failing the whole reason you are there.

I love upping my weights just like I love upping my life. Finances, relationships, my business, personal growth or professional development… I’m in to fail.

I will always push myself right past the point if what I am currently capable of, so that I may create the change to be capable of more.

Create some change in your life. Go fail <3

Your Coach,
Amber Snow
(AKA Amber Scott)


*As Your Coach, I am Here to Believe in You Until You are Strong Enough to Believe in Yourself <3 *

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