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I am so excited you want to take the happiness challenge with us! As a certified Integrative Wellness Life Coach, as well as long time health coach, I can confidently say that his group is, by far, my most life changing group.

I adore the lessons, the challenges, the reading, and the results. Even more, the lifelong friendships that some members make, are absolutely inspiring.

Why? It’s super simple. We start with YOU.

Celebrate-Small-Successes-Victories-Little-ThingsWe are going to commit to doing 5 small daily tasks each day, that are scientifically proven to increase happiness. I will personally check in each day with you,  in our exclusive Facebook group, to hold you accountable to creating happiness. You will also have a happiness buddy to keep you on track!

We will spend 60 days, or 8 weeks, together learning how happiness is created within us, making some tweaks to the way we think, being grateful, and making the world around us a better place. We will also get to know each other, and create connection, which is proven to foster happiness.

Not only will we have a weekly focused challenge, but we will have a fun point system for prizes, and some awesome reading along the way. It’s fun, purposeful, and proven.

Ready to join? It’s simple! Just fill out this form and submit your payment below <3 It will take you right to the group to join afterwards!

JOIN NOW and let’s GET HAPPY!!!

Why $16  you ask? What an odd price for a two month long class right lol? Not really! When over 200 past graduates were surveyed, after being invited to the group for free, they confirmed that the group was absolutely WORTH HUNDREDS but that their own doubt would have kept them from starting if the price was too high.

They also confirmed that making it totally free made it WAY TO EASY TO QUIT and we don’t want that either!

Instead of keeping out those who would otherwise find a reason not to invest in their happiness, and losing those who weren’t serious, I just charge enough to cover the PayPal fee and an awesome personalized graduation gift, while ensuring that YOU have some skin in the game, and actually want to be here with us!

Hear what some past graduates had to say:

“The biggest takeaways for me are that I now think a little more before speaking, instead of just reacting to what was said. I started reading again, something I had not done for a long time. And I finally am getting on the road to healthier eating habits. So much of my unhappiness was due to chronic pains due to unhealthy eating habits.” ~John

“I’ve learned to appreciate the small stuff and especially the things that may seem insignificant. It’s so easy to get caught up in life and fall into the trap of complaints, or focus simply on the Celebrate-Small-Successes-Victories-Little-Thingsnegative. Don’t get me wrong,there will be challenging days; but, it’s having that routine of stopping and evaluating the day that has made a huge difference. That simple step has made hard days not as bad. People around me have seen that there is something different. I’d like to believe that I’ve always been a positive and optimistic person, but have I been happy? I think that important piece has been missing. So these past 60 days has set me on a path to seeing I can be truly happy.” ~Lenci

“When I signed up for this challenge, I was in a pretty decent head-space, but when it started, I was in a bit of a low place, and really considered dropping out. I’m so glad I didn’t. I learned a lot about myself and how to reach my goals, and met amazing people that I wouldn’t have otherwise. Thanks Amber Snow for starting this challenge. It really has changed my perspective, and I’m so grateful for that.” ~Mauri

“I learned that I had to make myself a priority, and that I am a better version of myself when my needs are being met. I am responsible for making the choice that gets that done. I will also takeaway the kindness and support that a group of strangers could build into something almost magical, with the guidance of Amber Snow. Thank you all for sharing this part of your journey with me.” ~Michelle

I truly am very thankful for this group. At the beginning I didn’t think this was the best possible time for me but I realized it helped me through a lot of things. ~Melissa

“The biggest take away from this group was noticing who I surround myself with and if they’re inspiring me or holding me back. And that I have these expectations that I don’t communicate. I’m in a really positive spot of my journey right now and feel like I was able to embrace that greatly. Overall, great inspiration!” ~April


If you are ready to try something new, have something better, and live a happier life, we would love to have you in our special space. If you are ready, join now above.

Still have questions? You can find me any time using the info below!

Mrs. Amber Snow
(aka Amber Scott)


*As Your Coach, I am Here to Believe in You Until You are Strong Enough to Believe in Yourself <3 *


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