My Two Favorite Programs are On Sale – Includes My Pics!

I found out that my two favorite programs of all time went on sale while we were on our honeymoon and I just HAD to post this right away. You may already know about it since I’m late, but they said it’s only while inventory lasts so I hope I got this to you in time!!! 
SALE #1: The first is a program I personally (Amber) had the biggest transformation with out of any program I have ever done. It’s called Les Mills Pump and it’s a barbell based weight lifting program  that uses the rep effect of lighter weights to create the cardio benefits for fat loss and endurance, as well as the toning and shaping results of a weight program. With amazing music and motivating trainers to keep you from getting bored it’s actually fun! It even has a short yoga day to offset the weights and 2 optional cardio or walking days. I love that because it works great for people who can only workout a few days a week, like to run outside, or have a favorite class at the gym. I never felt stronger or sexier than when I finished 8 weeks of this program! I put a pic below for you (make sure you can see images). 
It comes with all the equipment you need included, and is also available with Shakeology in a super discounted package where you get both the Shakeology AND the whole fitness program for over 50% off. If you choose the package deal you also get access to my exclusive support group on Facebook where we hold you accountable, teach meal planning, provide support, give you a workout buddy, and more! 
To check out the options you can go to THIS LINK for for info on the exclusive package option, or THIS LINK for the program alone. 
My Les Mills Pump Results
SALE #2: The other program is my favorite go-to cardio program and Snow and I have actually done this one together, it’s great for any gender which was nice. It’s called Les Mills Combat. It’s certainly going to to help you lose, tone and increase upper body stregnth, and shape the lower body fast. At least since it has great music and motivating trainers the push ups and lunges suck less lol! No seriously, it’s a martial arts program with kickboxing, Muy Thai, karate for cardio, and then it incorporates strength with your body weight twice a week! With this program being 60 days, only 5 days a week, I really think it will be sustainable for many fitness levels. 
Just like the other program, there is a special option to get a bigger discount if you choose into a special “Challenge” pack, which gets you 1-on-1 support on Facebook with me! 
To check out the options you can go to THIS LINK for info on the exclusive package option, or THIS LINK for the program alone. 
If you end up buying either one please let me know, we’d love for you to keep us posted on your progress and answer any questions you have!!! If you’d rather get a personalized recommendation for another program, just email me at amber@creatingadestiny.com and we can chat. Hope to hear from you soon =D 
Your Coaches, 
Amber & Snow

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