My Skinny Limits Juice Review!

Recently (okay not THAT recently, I actually super lagged on writing this review and owe Peter from Skinny Limits a major apology) I was asked if I’d like to review a juice cleanse. At first I declined, writing it off, and telling the nice guy from the company that I thought juicing sucked. I had tried it a few times before and ended up tired, with a headache and had spent more on veggies for a few days than all my groceries for a week. I really didn’t see the point in trying it again.

Peter took some time to explain how their juice wouldn’t have that effect, and why. He was patient with me and waited until I had time to talk and walked me through it. I loved learning about how they were founded in Austin, TX and how they grew from a 2 person shop to a 25 person shop that serves nationwide.

Once I found out that the cleanses are 100% raw and use NO processing to extend the shelf life of their products I was all in. The juices had to be shipped out and taken within a few days since they are actually alive!

I was shocked at how good the juice was AND how little I was hungry the whole time. I had NO headaches and the juice was really good. They shipped me the “Standard Juice Cleanse” for 3 days so I got to try 4 different types of juice!

My favorite was the Scorpion Lemonade which had the spice of cayenne and lemon. The Crescent Moon handled my need for something sweet when I couldn’t have my Shakeology on the cleanse. It was like dessert, or like horchata if you’ve had that. I loved it and I’d like to keep it on hand to feel like I was cheating on my healthy eating.

Honestly I didn’t lose any weight, but it was a great way to get back on track after a lot of travel, I felt great, and my FAVORITE part was honestly I never missed a meal because everything was already made in my fridge. Am I the only one that  is beyond lazy with food sometimes LOL? Seriously, I got so much more work done =P

I did go on the site to see the cost, because as you may have picked up on, I sell Shakeology, so I wanted to compare this to the Shakeology cleanse I usually recommend. I was also considering getting a couple of my favorite juices to add into to my daily routine of paleo food, shakeology, and occasional wine 😉 I wasn’t totally surprised by it was a bit pricey for me as a prior “anti juice” sort of girl. I do however think if juicing is something you enjoyed it would be an awesome rate, as I’ve seen what it costs to juice myself and the amount of work saved would be worth it.

I can say with certainty that when it fits into my life a bit better financially I will become a regular customer with Skinny Limits and I’m excited about their company, their products, and their amazing staff.


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