Settling is a Load of Crap

Are you one of those people where nothing is ever good enough? You can find a way to make ANYTHING better? I am.

People will try and tell you it’s a flaw. That you should be content, enjoy things more, stop and smell the roses, be satisfied. I think that’s crap.

If you can be better, do better or have better, why wouldn’t you?

I got sick of sharing a car with my husband the other day so I went and bought another one. Nothing fancy, just something I could afford with cash that had a good engine that would get him to and from work without interrupting my GTL schedule LOL 😉

I drove it today to swing by the dealer real quick after the gym. I immediately noticed tiny things I could fix. It’s 1998, so it’s got some wear.

I noticed the visor fabric was falling off on a bit on one visor, the steering wheel was worn out, and the floor mats were still in the trunk.

$8 later in the Walmart parking lot I had a steering wheel cover on, visor fabric glued on, and the floor mats all in their proper places.

It’s not my car, I didn’t need to do that. Snow would have been perfectly fine with it as it was, he’s not hard to please. There is no real value to anyone in particular for the quick work I did.

That’s not the point. If you have the ability to be better, do better, or have better, ANYTHING LESS IS A WASTE. If you see a way to improve, even something small, and you leave it to someone else, say it doesn’t matter, or are just too lazy, you will do the same when it really matters.

I don’t settle in anything, because HOW YOU DO ANYTHING IS HOW YOU DO EVERYTHING. I hope you are playing at your very best today <3
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