Thank You for the Recognition =)

In general I run my social media accounts to celebrate others, help people think differently and inspire them to be better. It’s not the “Hey look at Amber” show :0)

Every now and again someone goes out of their way to celebrate me and I just want to share about me for a sec <3

I told you all about a month ago I was SO excited to finally get into a business course that I had applied to multiple times :0)

I went in fully committed and totally humbled. I have been teachable and also offered my experience whenever it was appropriate.

I just received this awesome gift of appreciation from our course leader and I couldn’t be happier.

I have been so grateful for the education, support and guidance. Anything more was beyond unexpected.

We wrap up the group on Monday and I love how accomplished I feel. It’s been amazing and I’ll remember it every time I wear this.

I am so glad I kept applying LOL!

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