The Journey IS the Destination.

Have you ever noticed that when we travel we never treat it like the point is to GET to the place we’re going?

I’ve never heard of anyone planning a trip to Italy, getting to the airport, checking it off the bucket list, and going back home on the next flight.

Heck most the time, if it comes up in a conversation, people don’t even let you count a place you’ve been if you’ve only been to the airport LOL.

We would think that if you planned a trip, JUST to get to the destination, you were nuts.

We’d ask you how long you are going, what you’re going to do there, and all sorts of other questions about your experience of that place.

This makes me wonder why so many of the people who reach out to me for help, can only answer questions about the destination.

I hear that people want to weigh a certain amount, they want to get married, they want to pay off debt… I hear a lot of destinations, but no one ever tells me about the journey.

✔ You want to weigh a certain number on the scale. ???

Great, let’s talk about that:

▶ What would you like to learn about yourself on the way there?
▶ What would you like to learn about food?
▶ What new friends would you like to make?
▶ What new mindsets and habits would you like to develop?
▶ What are some things you’d like your body to be able to do when you get there?
▶ When you get there what would you like to do with this new body?

✔ You want to get married? ???

Okay then:

▶ Did you want to do that tomorrow? If so, is the first guy you see good enough, because we’re on a time crunch? I mean hell I am sure we can find someone who would put up with you for a green card, I’m from CA, I know some people 😉
▶ Who would you like to experience dating before you get married?
▶ What would you like to learn about yourself before you become a partner to someone for life?
▶ How many firsts do you want to have before you have your last? The first date, the first kiss, the first moment you think it might be love.
▶ What relationship skills would you like to develop before you meet The One so that you can increase your chance of having a great marriage?

✔ You want to pay off debt. ???

Awesome, I hate debt, I’m with you. Let’s chat:

▶ Do you want to learn the discipline and humility it takes to live on a strict budget?
▶ Do you want to face your emotional issues about money?
▶ Do you want to learn the skills it takes to manage money long term?
▶ Do you want to stop walking into Target for 1 thing and coming out with 10? Are you ready for the practice of that kind of self restraint?
▶ Do you want to learn to be self assured when it comes to what other people think of your material things?


? People who reach a weight without the journey, gain it back.

? People who only want to get married and don’t focus on having a great marriage, end up divorced.

? People who pay off debt with an easy inheritance or windfall, end up back in debt.

I know this because I spent too many years focused on destinations, and not the journey.

I know what it’s like to place all your emotional eggs in this one basket, and get there feeling completely empty.

The number on the scale didn’t bring confidence. I did it with drugs, extreme diets, and throwing money at the problem, so the weight came back. ?

The “perfect” wedding didn’t bring love. Gorgeous pics and a great time didn’t give us the real thing. 8 years in the making and I was divorced 8 months later. ?

Getting out of debt didn’t bring freedom. Filling bankruptcy 10 years ago didn’t change ME so I ended up with debt again. ?

It wasn’t until I did these things RIGHT that they stuck. I had to grow, to change, to become a different person, so I could have a different life.

I just doesn’t happen overnight.

I have been more places than I’ve experienced and I’ve reached more goals than I’ve celebrated.

I know I’ve missed SO much because I’ve had a very “okay what’s next” mindset for most of my life.

I am glad to have grown into the kind of person that, while has direction, is happy to simply be experiencing the path they are on.

Some of it I like, some of it I don’t, but everything is part of the journey.

There is no one thing that is out there waiting for you, to make you whole and happy, but the journey working toward it absolutely will, if you let it.

It’s all about mindset of what you are getting out of it. Focus on the part that matters.


No matter what your journey is, you MUST start walking toward a destination in order to experience it <3

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