The Number on the Scale Won’t Make You Happy, but Being Happy May Change the Number on the Scale

This is something I learned the hard way. Before I lost my 100 pounds I had lost 30, 50, even 60 at a time before. It always came off really fast and I would do extreme things to get there.

Everyone knew I knew a ton of ways to lose weight fast. One time my friend needed to lose weight for her wedding dress because it wouldn’t zip, and I only had 3 days. On the day of her wedding her dress was huge lol.

The thing is … I always gained it back, plus some. I placed to much emphasis on getting to the goal, that I didn’t do any work on the inside while I was headed there.

I would get there and still be critical, disappointed, feeling deprived, depressed that I still didn’t feel good enough, and totally feeling alone.

I’d end up going back to old habits fast because number on the scale was NEVER going to make me happy. No matter how hard I worked out, or how many sweets I turned down, it couldn’t make me love my body.

It wasn’t until I took the time to really lose weight the right way, find a positive community, commit to daily personal growth and emotional improvement, and get to know ME, that the weight came off.

After losing 110 lbs, I’ve been within 20 lbs of that weight for 4 years now. I understand balance, flexibility, life change, and real growth.

I LOVE my body now. I’m so grateful for it, amazed at what it can do, and humbled that it treats me so well after I treated it so poorly. I know this body is a blessing that serves me every day and I respect it for that.

My body is strong, capable and sexy…AT ANY WEIGHT. I hope you feel the same way about yours <3


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