Top 5 Benefits of Yoga + Bonus: Learn Yoga at Home!

It is no secret that yoga became a big part of my life when I got sick a few years back, and wasn’t allowed to workout.
I had no idea how much the practice of yoga would do for my life. You can check out 30 days of free access to a “Learn Yoga at Home” online class by signing up for a free trial at http://bchbody.life/25OeVBN =) 
Hopefully when you see how yoga can help you, you’ll want to join us!
1) It’s Amazing for Your Immune System. There have actually been studies comparing people who just did yoga, to people who just completed any other type of workout, and it’s proven that yoga boosts immunity at a cellular level.
As you breathe deeper, and more consciously, your blood circulates better, and all your organs function better. The fact that it helps stiff muscles and joints, causes better digestion, and other internal changes, all contribute to a healthy immune system.
2) It Relieves Tension that Causes Headaches and Migraines. Not only does the breathing in yoga help relieve tension, but the poses are often focused on an opening of the neck, shoulders, and chest, which helps blood flow to your head more freely.
There are actually specific poses shown to prevent, or reduce a headache. If you are migraine sufferer, like I used to be, there has been research showing that there is”a significant reduction in migraine headache frequency and associated clinical features, in patients treated with yoga over a period of 3 months” via PubMed.gov.
3) It Helps You Sleep Better. I honestly always thought the better sleep was because of the quieter mind. When i can’t sleep, it is almost always because I cannot turn my brain off. The studies have shown that there is actual science behind that!
Here is the deal though, if you want this benefit, you don’t get to skip your savasana pose at the end. No getting up and running around, when you’re supposed to be grounding and calm. Yoga is NOT like other workouts where it’s all about how hard you can go, it’s about how much you can LET GO.
4) It Reduces Cravings and Emotional Eating. There is a mind body connection that is created in yoga, that helps you development a mindfulness that we don’t find elsewhere. You are really feeling, and listening to, your body.
When you combine that awareness, with a calmer mind, better sleep, and less stress, the instances of emotional, or binge, type eating, are reduced. As a former binge eater I must say, this will not work if you spend your whole practice criticizing yourself for not doing better.
No matter how long you practice yoga, it is always called PRACTICE for a reason. No one expects you to be great at it.
5) It Shapes and Tones without Impact. The thing that most women tell me they want, is to be more shaped or toned. They want to look better naked, they want this and that firmed up, etc.
Yoga creates the long lean muscles that most women want, without heavy weights, lots of impact, jumping, plyometrics, or intensity. In a world where we are always giving 110% to 10 things at once, it’s nice to be able to achieve a goal without all the extra stress!
If this sounds like something you’d like to learn, in the comfort of your own home, please just go to http://bchbody.life/25OeVBN check out the free trial! 
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I hope you find this helpful and I am here if you need anything at all for your health, fitness, or nutrition! 
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