True Love is Never Perfect

true love

Many of you have been following the planning and prepping for my anniversary date 2nite. I wanted to take a moment to publicly celebrate Snow and our relationship. When we met neither of us had any businesses being in a relationship and we were perfectly happy enabling each others destructive behaviors. We were both sort of selfish but for whatever reason we stuck it out, it was like we both knew there was more.

Over the last four years we have both grown (and shrunk LOL) so much that I don’t even recognize that couple. Many couples are not able to make it through the transformation of body, and mentality. Usually one just simply outgrows the other and they are forced to move on. I got so lucky that Snow stepped up to come with me.

We aren’t perfect, and anyone who has ever spent time with us can confirm that :p  What we are is determined, committed, flexible, and madly in love. I admire his passion, his creativity, his incredible belief in me against all odds, and his incredible family values.

We start this year So excited and ready to take on the world. Two imperfect people who refuse to give up on each other; This is the year we’ve decided to truly become one, sharing the business, and his last name <3 

Baby I love you so much, and I can’t wait to celebrate year 5 as your wife. o(‘.’)o

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