Unexpected Dreams Are the Best Kind


This is Snow and I’s first ever vacation together. We had been on trips but this was the real thing, in the Bahamas and everything!!!

This was also the first completely paid for trip that our coaching business sent us on. All expenses paid, $1000 travel bonus cash AND an upgrade with sweet swag. Here is the thing, I was my FIRST YEAR of coaching, which means, I had no idea what I was doing, I felt like I made no money, and had a tiny group of customers. I wasn’t even remotely considering that this might be a six figure business.

One day after a couple coconuts full of rum we were sitting out in the sun and I leaned over onto his chest and said: “You know, it wasn’t all that much work to get us here. Just 2-3 people a month and we could have free trips for the rest of our lives. I can do that forever no problem don’t you think? Can you imagine never having to worry about our kids not getting a family vacation?”

Both growing up in families that didn’t have the money to travel, we agreed this opportunity was amazing and we were so grateful it landed in our lap. I honestly thought that was all this would ever be and I was TOTALLY okay with it, more than okay, really really happy!

It’s sort of the norm now, we’ve probably been on at least 12 or so trips. Totally paid for travel has become a way of life with our business, and it’s let us see the world in ways I would have never imagined. Some of my greatest memories are by his side, half way across the world. I can’t wait to include our children too!

Right now my team is working toward 3 trips next year: We have Team Ignite the FIRE 😀 all inclusive cruise, a Success Club all expenses paid trip, with a travel cash bonus, to Cancun, and an epic week at the Fairmount Scottsdale Princess Resort with red carpet treatment. I LOVE spending time with them

If you have the desire to help a few people a month, and take yourself, your other half, and / or your family on a paid vacation every year, I CAN teach you this. I did it my first year with no upline coach, no direction, and no training. That means with me, and our incredible team, behind you there is nothing stopping you!!!

I’m putting together my September Dream Team by the end next week. If you’d like to be mentored personally by me, to build the life of your dreams, NOW is the time to reach out. Email me at amber@creatingadestiny.com or you can fill out the mentor application here http://bit.ly/AmbersMentorProgram



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