What Do You Need to Let Go Of to Have the Life You Want?

I picked my friend Bridgette up from the airport last week and it got me thinking about something I hadn’t ever considered before. Really got me reflecting.

I mean of course it did, I can see a stick on the ground and it gets me in my head LOL!

Bridgette and I have continually been attempting to make plans. We met in a girls new to Austin group almost 6 months ago. All in all we’ve maybe hung out a handful of times this year, despite talking almost every day.

When it’s something that is necessary, like a ride home from the airport, I was there no problem.

Days like today, when we paid for, and planned an event, months in advance, of course!

The other times we’ve been back and forth with ideas, then comparing calendars, only to realize one, or both of us, were busy.

I was out of town one weekend, her the next. She had family in town, then we had friends in town. Snow was off one day, her husband another. She works days, I work nights.

So after I dropped her off I started thinking.

How is it that I have time to fly home to Seattle? I have time to plan a trip to our other home, San Diego. I have time to drive to Nebraska for the holiday weekend to see old friends.

She had time to go home to LA a few times and had time to have her family visit.

We both had time to lament about home, be homesick, and even make spread sheets and check out Craigslist, to see if moving back to CA was a good idea LOL.

It’s not that I didn’t HAVE time to hang out with my new friend Bridgette. I wasn’t TOO BUSY.

It was that I was spending all my time trying to hold on to a life back home, instead of building a new one out here.Romanticizing all the things and people we’re missing, instead of prospering where we are planted right now.

9 months into living here and all I was creating was my own loneliness and doubt, instead of a life. Ignoring opportunities to move forward, leaving me frozen in time.

This may not mean much to you if you haven’t just moved, but think about where else that applies in your life.

This isn’t about me and Bridgette and a 5K, it’s about growth, change, and so much more.

What are you holding on to, that you need to loosen the grip on a little, in order to make room for something else?

Where are you spending your time, energy or money, on things that only maintain the status quo, instead of help you grow?

Where are you claiming you don’t have time, when you are really filling it with something that is no longer serving you?

I don’t believe you ever have to let go of your past completely. A part of your heart with always be with the people and places you once knew.

I think that’s part of the wonder of living, all the parts of your soul you leave along the way, and the ones you collect.

Something even more beautiful is the love for people and places you haven’t yet experienced.

I had an awesome time at our #BubbleRunAustin this morning, and I plan to be INTENTIONAL about building a life here going forward. I’m ready for my TX roots and ALL the yet unknown.

Excited for new adventures

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