Who Cares?


I worry that a new follower will make an assumption from one of my posts and decide who I am.

They’ll see a yoga mat and roll their eyes and decide that I’m just a hippie not to be taken seriously.

They’ll see a post about my team or business and classify me as only here for the money. Just a scammer with no heart.

They’ll see my race bib and I’m just fanatical runner who doesn’t want to hear any other way.

The truth is my only real passion is FREEDOM.

Freedom to do whatever I want, go wherever I want and BE whoever I want.

To those labels I say: WHO CARES!? None of it actually means anything. If you put people in boxes that’s all you’ll ever see and you’ll miss out on so much more!

It’s even worse if you do it to yourself.

I’m excited for my run tomorrow. I hope you stick around to find out the rest of my story <3

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