Why is Shakeology So Expensive?

I get this question all the time and I’d like to address it now. I get people saying that Beachbody is trying to rip them off or that they need to lower the price and that the asking price is ridiculous. Of course for every one of those, I have 10 that would be willing to pay double after they’ve been on it, but it still comes up, so here is my rant on that:

I think it is pretty clear to everyone on my fan page, personal page, Meetup group, in my office, neighborhood, gym, park, or local deli that I am OBSESSED with Shakeology. So when I get these questions I am genuinely confused by them. I am by no means rolling in money and I’m on a strict budget with credit card debt, usually living paycheck to paycheck,  just like every other American. Beachbody is quickly helping me solve that, but the point is I’m not in a better financial position than most others, so don’t blow off this opinion. I pass out at the price of gas and paying full price for anything is beyond me. I’ll search for 20 minutes on the internet for a coupon code to save $5… so you’d think the reaction would make sense to me. Yet, it just doesn’t. I am literally like “WTF are you talking about?” every time.


People rarely scoff at the price of a Subway sandwich, and many are quite enthralled with the “$5 Footlong” promotion in fact, and that is most likely the “healthiest” of all fast foods, and only one sub is $5 right now! Don’t get me started on almost $10 meals at a fast food place where you are basically paying a premium price for crap that clogs your arteries and makes you fat.

I paid $17.69 at L&L once for me and the BF!!!  Could have both had Shakeology for $6. I threw almost the whole meal away because it was too greasy and unhealthy to eat. Great investment there right? No. 


It is $4 per serving retail and $3 per serving for an Independent Beachbody Coach (like myself). Now we have to remember that it is a meal-replacement shake as well as a nutritional supplement.  So when you are drinking Shakeology instead of eating fast food or a premade frozen meal, and instead of taking vitamins, at $4 you’re actually saving money!


I suppose people don’t notice it because you don’t usually walk into Subway and say I’d like 30 sandwiches please, and you never drive through the local McDonalds and request 30 Big Mac Meals and hand them almost $300. Although God knows you could, they’d still be good in 30 days…


With over 70 incredibly healthy ingredients, including over 15 grams of high quality whey protein, this is a total meal replacement that helps you lose weight, feel great, reduce cravings, increase energy and actually improve your overall health instead of destroying your body like a lot of foods people eat these days. If you’d like to see a video about where the ingredients for Shakeology come from you can watch this video:


Recently a fellow Beachbody Coach, Blake Warrington, went shopping to get all the ingredients to make his own Shake, just to show you how much Shakeology really costs.  I wanted to share a photo:


This is Blake going out and buying all the ingredients in Shakeology.  First, I would never want to pop that many pills every single day.  Next, here is the receipt for that purchase.



The total is $483.12!  And, those are probably all 30 day supplies too!  So, now is the $4 a serving of Shakeology really starting to look like a bargin?


Here is what our CEO, said about this experiment:  Carl Daikiler

 “Awesome demonstration Blake.  And even if someone did assemble all that, I am willing to be that most if not all of those ingredients are not sourced at the same high standards as we use, and they are likely processed so they can stay on the shelf longer.  That means the potent properties are cooked and killed before they ever even get in the bottle.  Not Shakeology – as close to fresh as it comes without picking it off the tree!  And  do you know how hard it would be to make that $481 cognition taste good?  You would throw it away after one sip.  Not Shakeology, I’m proud of this product!”


One more picture:  This picture is from the wall in Beachbody Headquaters, again showing all the ingredients in Shakeology.





Now I am NOT saying that every one can afford it, or that after reading this post you magically have the money. I am just saying, stop asking for it to be cheaper or acting like it’s an unreasonable about to ask. I REALLY hope this helps clear up any qualms about cost. This product has been with me EVERY STEP of my weight loss journey and it has lead me to this healthy and positive place in my life. I share this with you because I want YOU to feel this amazing


Shakeology Weight Loss

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  1. Thank you so much. I feel the same way. I didn’t do a ton of research about Shakeology when I first started using Shakeology. My coaches did and I was highly impressed with what they found out. I cannot imagine going back to way I use to eat.

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