10 Signs You are Ready to Become a Coach

Whenever I approach someone about becoming a Health and Lifestyle Coach on my team, they almost always have some thoughts about why they might not be ready yet. I thought it might be nice if I made a quick list of signs to look for so you know when you are ready to join our coaching family, help change lives, make some extra income, and have a bigger impact on the world. Make sure you email me at ambersfitness@gmail.com when you’re done!

Here are my 10 Signs that YOU are READY:

1) You forget to eat breakfast, have trouble eating all your healthy calories and it’s a personal victory every time you get in all your water for the day! Good news, you’re a normal human being, and so are coaches ūüėÄ We aren’t super human health robots, we need support too! What a better way to remember to drink your water than to have a group of challengers or coaches who you need to remind to drink their water? (I totally just chugged a bunch of water, seemed appropriate) Want creative ideas to get in all your calories? Awesome, we have a team of hundreds of coaches who are there to help you with that, because we all need help with it too! Being part of a team that is going the same direction as you is the way to make sure these things eventually become habits in your daily life.

2) You look like an idiot doing TurboFire, Shaun T makes you cry, the “bottom halves” of Les Mills PUMP bring out your inner sailor, and you punch yourself in the face doing Combat. Well awesome, that means you’ve at least experienced one Beachbody workout at some point, even if it was just the Insanity Fit Test that left you in a puddle on the floor ūüėõ You have at least taken one step toward a healthier you and are willing to look stupid doing it, LOL because lord knows I kicked my stair railing during Combat this morning ūüėČ That means you are ALREADY A LEADER. You may not realize this but the people in your life are watching. Your kids see you pushing play, your sister has it in the back of her head that she’d like to do that some day, that¬†receptionist¬†at work noticed you looked a little more bubbly today (or that you can’t walk today) and you’ve started a ripple effect in the world around you without even meaning to. You officially have more¬†experience¬†with Beachbody than everyone you know and are setting an example. Congrats you’re the resident expert ūüėČ

3)You never finish what you start. You commit to a 60-90 day workout plan and then all of a sudden take a week off because life goes nuts. You have unfinished projects all over the house. You’ve tried 5 “at home¬†businesses¬† and just ended up with a bunch of stuff you don’t need. You may have even stopped bothering to start at this point and just given up on goals at all. Oh yeah, I for sure want you. You’re perfect. You need some direction, some focus, some serious time¬†management¬†education and for the love of god you need to¬†experience¬†the thrill of success! We need to establish your TRUE LIFE¬†PRIORITIES¬†and teach you how to let go of things that don’t serve you, teach you how to say no without guilt and make the most of your¬†potential¬†in the short time you have here on this crazy planet. Our team has education, support, personal development and more, to keep you on track and see you through. It really can be the start of a whole new you, and a whole new way of life, filled with success and accomplishment.

4) You still eat donuts and pizza and wake up hungover. Yep coaches are human, really really human. I screw up all the time. I binge eat when nothing seems in my control, I drink too much on girls day, and sometimes life gets so busy we have no food, or frankly I am just to tired to give a crap, and we order a pizza. Guess what? That’s okay…because when you are a Coach, you have a¬†responsibly¬†to others, so you never let it go too far. Not the way you would on your own. Maybe you’ll put on 5 pounds, but you sure the hell won’t put back on 30. We have a community that is here for you when you slip up, and knows you are human, so we get you back on track, without guilt and shame.

5) No one in your life eats healthy, works out, or supports your goals. There is no way you could be successful without support.¬†Man that would suck I wish I knew how that felt so I could relate. Oh wait… I DO, that’s why I became a coach. Coming from an unhealthy family, hanging out with drunk friends, or having your go-to date activity be eating out are all ways that you are in your own way and have a choice to change. What a better way to stick to your goals than joining a TEAM of people who are learning and changing just like you? You have the opportunity to have a built in support network AND become the healthy influence in your group. What an incredible opportunity! I have seen hundreds of people influence¬†their¬†friends, family, children, co-workers and more, with this simple¬†decision.

6) You have no certifications in nutrition or personal training, hell you’re not even really sure the difference between splenda and stevia and refer to your obliques as the “side bits”. Coaches are NOT here to personal train, make meal plans, or instruct. We are here to motivate, support, encourage and lead by example. It is our job to learn about what people need and find the right Beachbody tool, meal plan, fitness program and support group for them, and then here for the good and bad times of the journey through it all. We LEARN together and build friendships instead of experts.

7) You are not at your “goal weight” and honestly don’t even know what that really is, if it’s possible, ¬†or what means to you, you just know you’re not there yet. This is the PERFECT place to be! Don’t wait another second to join. Think about it, who do you want to go to when you just screwed up your diet for the 100th time and skipped 3 weeks of the gym? When you are depressed and feeling like a mess and just need help getting back on track? A crazy fit, seemingly perfect, fitness robot OR a human, that GETS IT? The best part about being a coach is that we are all in ¬†this together. I have never met a coach who is “done” transforming and I started coaching when I was still over 200 lbs. It was never about people coming to me for advice, it is about looking for people who might want to come along and support my journey, while I support¬†theirs. Friends working toward a common goal TOGETHER, celebrating the victories and crying together on the hard days. I am so glad I started building my team when I still had 60 lbs to lose, because I honestly believe they are the only reason I have made it this far <3 I am still 20 lbs away and I know I can get their with the support of my team.

8) You’re not a “sales person” and that sounds gross and / or terrifying to you. You don’t have anyone to sell to anyway and you certainly don’t want to “bug” your friends and family. Uh yeah, I am also not a sales person, yet I manage to somehow make a full time income in this business. Think back to any interaction you’ve ever had with me…following my page, being my friend, being in my private support group, joining a challenge or coming to Fit Club … have you ever felt SOLD TO? I bet you never have. Why? Because I am just sharing my life with you, the good, the bad, the ugly. The Victoria’s Secret, Channing Tatum, sweaty workout pics, food I eat and funny pictures galore … but never a “sales pitch”. I am just me, working on me, trying to be better, sharing it with you. This business IS THAT SIMPLE. If you are “bugging” people, you are not doing it right. That is why all of my coaches get a FULL 6 WEEK TRAINING course on Beachbody, sharing your life without selling, time management, personal development and more. There are NEVER sales “quotas” or minimums with Beachbody and we never make you buy anything. Military and spouses, as well as anyone who has ever bought a challenge pack, actually pays NOTHING to sign up.

9) You don’t have any money, and between healthy eating, fitness programs and gas prices, at this rate you probably never will. This is one of the best reasons to join. I started this business with over $20,000 in consumer debt, living paycheck to paycheck, at a job that would maybe give me a few % a year increase if I was lucky. Don’t get me wrong, I had a good job, but the money only went so far. ¬†No matter how hard I worked I couldn’t make more money for the time I was putting in. This business doesn’t work that way. The more people you help, the more you make. The best part, your paycheck is only has good as THAT paycheck, but when you build an organization in Beachbody, it pays you forever. You can spend 5 years working at a regular J-O-B and all you’ll have to show is the money you made, plus maybe some retirement saved up. If you worked a Beachbody¬†business¬†for 5 years at that rate, you’d have thousands of dollars a week in 100% PASSIVE income. You’d have an organization you could pass down to your children some day. You’re never going to get less broke unless you change your income tactics drastically. Stop just trying to keep up, and get ahead of it for once!

10) You are way too busy, you barely have time to work on yourself, let alone other people. It sounds to me like you needs some more free time. So when do you honestly think that is going to happen? When you retire? when I get that promotion, when I can work one less job, when I graduate, when the kids get older … ??? NO. That is not how life works and we both know it. You will never get more time, you must make it. What is the BEST way to make more free time? Start working for YOURSELF and give yourself some serious¬†financial¬†freedom. Making a full time income in part time hours AT HOME, in a business that actually makes a difference in the world, is hands down the best way for you to get “less busy”. It’s time for you to stop punching someone else’s clock or not having date night and not taking that family vacation because you just don’t have time do to anything different. You have a choice and you CAN take your life back, your time belongs to YOU.


If you saw yourself in any of the above signs, then YOU ARE READY to become a  Coach on our incredible team. I started this business at over 200 pounds, terrified of people, self conscious, with no sales skills and no one to support me. I have since given this career exactly 4 years of my life and I have quit my full time job, grown a team of hundreds of coaches, lost a total of 110 pounds, made countless friends, paid off almost $20,000 in consumer debt, won trips, prizes and cash for performance and most of all, secured a lasting future for myself and my eventual family. I have found PASSION, fulfillment, genuine connection, love and gratitude that pays me six figures a year. In short: Dream job!

You will have advantages on this team that will accelerate your success and bring you closer to the life or your dreams even faster than I found mine. I know that if you give me a year, I can change your entire life. Contact me today at amber@creatingadestiny.com <3


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