100 Random Facts About Me ~ Amber Snow (Aka Amber Scott)

My Grandma <3
  1. I am 33.
  2. I am a Libra.
  3. I am married, for 115 days as of the writing of this post.
  4. I’ve been divorced.
  5. My shoe size is 10.
  6. I was president (and every other position) of my business fraternity in college, AKPsi.
  7. If I was only allowed to eat donuts, that would be okay with me.
  8. I have hypothyroidism, cortisol imbalance, insulin resistance, and adrenal fatigue.
  9. My boobs are fake. I got them when I was 22 in a brief “thin” period I was going through. They did not make me feel better. No I don’t regret them.
  10. The idea of having children terrifies me more than anything in the world.
  11. My favorite vodka is Kettle One. I prefer it on the rocks with a splash of water and a lime.
  12. Heels shorter than 4″ seem like a waste of time to me.
  13. I am usually barefoot. Including workouts.
  14. I have filed bankruptcy.
  15. I am a Seahawks fan.
  16. I was born and raised in Washington State.
  17. I have 3 half sisters.
  18. I met my biological father in my late teens.
  19. I got emancipated as a teenager.
  20. I have been steadily employed since I was 14 years old. I have never had only 1 job / source of income. Aka I’m natural born hustler ūüėČ
  21. I have lost 109 pounds.
  22. I have easily found 15 of them ¬†again ūüėČ
  23. Up until last Saturday I was very vocal about how much I hated working out. I swore I’d never say that again, so you’ll just have to know I’m thinking it.
  24. I have lost count of the number of countries I have visited.
  25. I have been getting my nails done (fake ones) for almost 18 years now. My husband has never seen my hands “naked”.
  26. I read faster than anyone I’ve ever met.
  27. I like turbulence on airplanes.
  28. I hate roller coasters.
  29. One of my biggest passions is human rights: Women’s and LGBT primarily.
  30. I love to cook and I am 100% self taught.
  31. My three favorite activities are work, sex and drinking. Most days in that order.
  32. I am a raging introvert.
  33. I hate obligation but thrive on responsibility.
  34. I have had the same make up brushes since high school. I am pretty sure since I use them once a month, they are really only a few years old.
  35. I think horseback riding was scarier than skydiving.
  36. I am a serial monogamist.
  37. My biggest limiting belief is that I am not good enough.
  38. I rarely watch TV.
  39. Unless it’s Criminal Minds, in which case I will watch 7 hours straight with no qualms.
  40. I will not see a movie when it is daylight out.
  41. I have flat feet.
  42. I was a total stoner in high school.
  43. I love going tanning. No I do not care what you think about it.
  44. I hate sand.
  45. I love anything personalized. If you can put my name on it, I’m in.
  46. I really just want to matter.
  47. I think this blog post is horribly narcissistic. I’m writing it anyway.
  48. I have almost 100 cousins. Actual ones, not just the ones that your parents can’t explain how you know them.
  49. I have had a DUI. I don’t recommend it.
  50. I really like overalls and I don’t understand why they are not cool.
  51. I will be a PC and Driod person until I die.
  52. I like Nickelback. I’m out and proud about it.
  53. My favorite wine is Meiomi Pinot Noir.
  54. My favorite Carebear is Cheer Bear. I  have at least 30 of him.
  55. My love language is Physical Touch.
  56. My first concert was Garth Brooks.
  57. I don’t like sleeves.
  58. I was bulimic in high school.
  59. I used to smoke Newport Light 100s, like a lot of them.
  60. I use gluten free, organic, all natural everything for my body, home care, and food. Yes my shampoo is gluten free.
  61. I like acupuncture.
  62. I am thinking about Ding Dongs right now.
  63. I literally have to talk myself out of donuts and alcohol every single day.
  64. I hate Facebook messenger.
  65. My middle name is Rae. It originally belonged to my older sister who was given up for adoption.
  66. I met my only older sister for the first time about 5 years ago. I love her.
  67. I don’t do my make up unless I can do it “all the way” because I am good at it and I don’t want anyone to think that was my best work if it half done.
  68. I didn’t have toenails really until I was 23.
  69. I love pedicures.
  70. I have shaved my legs every day since I was 14 except for a few confusing and difficult showers in Europe.
  71. I did not learn to swim until I was an adult. I taught myself by watching the summer olympics and getting drunk and going swimming.
  72. I only listen to personal development audio books when I drive.
  73. I cannot resist free samples of anything. I must have them.
  74. If I wasn’t so terrified of being a hoarder, I’d for sure be a hoarder.
  75. I’m a cat person.
  76. I think cilantro is the devil.
  77. I have heard ” I thought you were such a b*tch when we met, but you’re actually so cool” from every single person I’ve ever been close with.
  78. I never know how much gas costs. Like never.
  79. My phone number is not real, I do all my texting from my computer.
  80. I want freedom more than I want anything else in life.
  81. I f*cking LOVE to work. I think I may have mentioned that one already.
  82. My grandmother is my biggest role model.
  83. I think chocolate cake and chocolate ice cream are both super lame.
  84. Whenever I go on a date with my husband, and my hair and makeup aren’t done, I feel like a bad wife. This is almost 100% of the time.
  85. I pet sat a snake for a summer and I loved it.
  86. When I have unfinished business with someone it haunts me deeply.
  87. I think hot air balloons are so boring.
  88. My all time favorite TV show is My So Called Life.
  89. Shemar Moore is the hottest man on the planet. Oh wait that wasn’t about me.
  90. My primary languages are English, sarcasm, cuss words, and movie quotes.
  91. I have the worst RBF ever. (Resting Bitch Face)
  92. I don’t use alarm clocks, like ever.¬†I am never late.
  93. I love the fall and winter holidays SO MUCH.
  94. I can hypnotize myself. I used it during my last tattoo.
  95. I used my student loans to remodel our kitchen. We lost the house, but still have the loans.
  96. I don’t understand the words “no” or “can’t”. I am pretty sure they mean something else to other people.
  97. I was baptized catholic and hadn’t been into a church in over 15 years until this past Sunday. I don’t think it’s for me.
  98. I’m obsessed with yoga.
  99. I have dyslexia and dyscalculia and ADHD. I am okay with you correcting any of my typos, it will not offend me, I need the support.
  100. I am more in love with my husband every day that we are married.

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