When My To-Do List Became People

I did something this morning that I have never done before and it has me tearing up. Huge reflection moment. This post-it note doesn’t mean anything to you but it means the world to me <3

This morning I sat down to make a quick list of what I needed to get done this morning and my hand wrote a list of names.

My brain sat me down to write tasks and my heart wrote a list of people.

I didn’t catch it at first. Until I went to cross one off and didn’t want to draw a line through it, so I put a ✔ instead. Seemed uncool to cross out someone’s name.

I have spent my whole life focused on how much I can DO. I love goals, numbers, sales, anything measurable. It just makes sense to me. I had a roommate tell me once that I got more done before she got out of bed, then most people do all day.

In my business, and in every job I’ve had, I’ve experienced a lot of success. Well paid, well recognized, and so on. What I’ve been striving for in the past few years has been something more.

I’ve been striving for genuine connection.

By striving I mean epically failing and banging my head against the wall in sheer frustration at my inability to be better lol. Striving sounds much more noble :p

“Success” and “accomplishment” can be a damn lonely place if you let it. I know it well. I have lived in a world where alcohol and food were my only “real friends”. The saying that it’s lonely at the top is based on people who didn’t stop to take anyone with them.

I have been making to-do lists for 20 years. Today I made something else all together. Today I made a to-serve list.

I knew exactly who needed me, who I had promised something to, and what I was going to provide each of them, without even thinking about it. I didn’t need notes or emails, they were in my heart.

This is an absolute first.

I have resources, knowledge, ideas, and life experiences to serve each people with every day. My life is a repeated series of matching what I have with what people need.

This may seem like a subtle shift, possibly even meaningless. I know that the biggest voices of change are usually a whisper.

I am always growing and changing. I am passionately committed to becoming better and finding my path of serving the world I’m so lucky enough to be part of.

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