Being Mindful by Living Offline

So … I deleted my Facebook app from my phone last night. Yep, totally uninstalled it. I posted my 3 best things and then cut the cord. Does that have you like whoa!? Because it does me LOL.

I never worked my business from my phone. I am very good at being present where I am, and when I am at work, I’m at work. When I am with my friends, I am with them, when I am with my husband, I am with him. It took me years to get good at that.

When we started our year long road trip everything changed. I started working in my car, on my phone, at coffee shops, pretty much just “fit it in” and because of that I always had my phone. I did things on the fly, between rest stops and gorgeous sunsets.

It served a purpose then, it doesn’t now.

I have found myself wasting valuable time just scrolling through the newsfeed. I could be helping people, connecting with my husband, trying a new recipe, learning a new skill or meeting a new person. Instead I’m just scrolling…

This might not be so bad if the content of the scrolling was good. Positive, uplifting, educational, loving and so on. When you let almost 5000 people into your life via the “friend” button there is no telling what you are going to get!

I have realized that I am not currently in a place where I can take in what I am seeing and still be successful. When I see a customer of mine sign up with another coach and not even tell me first, I feel like I suck as a coach and should just quit. Clearly I must be doing something wrong. Here comes the self doubt!

When I see other network marketers doing a terrible job and spamming people with their crap all day, I think good God how am I going to get ahead when these people are giving my profession such a bad name? I get tired of thinking of the fight ahead of me to help people understand that most of us are professionals who care about people.

When I see people sh*tting all over our president, or any leader really, I think damn the world is so full of critics who don’t do anything but complain. Do I really want to keep subjecting myself to being a leader, it comes with so much criticism. I start to question my big dreams of speaking, writing, etc and consider just playing is small so I can be safe.

When I see people angry with each other, mad about things that don’t matter, saying FML, or talking poorly about their partners and exes, I just get down. I wonder if everything I am doing to make this world a better place is pointless. If it wouldn’t be easier to just go back to being “normal”.

Being so “connected” leaves me feeling incredibly disconnected. Self doubt, frustration and small dreams are NOT how I roll. I need to protect my energy because I am letting this affect me in a negative way.

I realize the solution is simply to just stop scrolling, but it’s become a terrible habit and I haven’t stopped yet, so time for some drastic measures :p

I still have my page app, so it’ll be business as usual over there, and I have figured out how to text my 3 best things of the day to Facebook each night, they’ll just look different. I will be on my desktop during work hours to check in with my team, my challengers, my events, and such of course!

I’m not sharing this to tell you I’m leaving or anything, I want to be here to inspire others as long as you’ll have me. I’m sharing this as a lesson. A lesson that YOU are responsible for your own energy. YOU are the first line of defense when it comes to protecting what’s between your ears. YOU also have a choice on what kind of world you are making it, by what you choose to post and share.

YOU choose each and every day what to feed your body, mind and soul. I hope you’re making the right choices <3

P.S. I realize telling people to get off Facebook could put me out of business LOL. Honesty and people first, business second, always.

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