I am f@#$%&*@! Terrified

I feel like this is a good time to mention that I am f@#$%&*@! terrified. Scared out of my mind.

I’ve been talking about my meal planning series for 6 weeks now. Today is the day I finally make the real videos and all my thoughts are:

My rough draft videos are better, why did I shoot those in my chaotic office?!

I hate the background, I should find a kitchen to shoot them in instead, I’ll just wait and do this when we move.

I look fat, no one is going to want to take meal planning advice from me looking fat.

I’m going to forget to say important things.

No one is going to want to pay for this. Nothing I have to say is worth money.

I’m wasting my time, I’m just going to disappoint everyone.

Yeah…that’s just the list of Facebook appropriate things I’ve said to myself so far this morning.

I’ve drafted 10 cancellation emails, in my head, to the studio about why today is a bad day for me.

Here is the reason I share this…

With all that in my head, I’M GOING TO DO IT ANYWAY.

Leadership is scary, dreams are scary, growing and learning are both scary.

I’ve never done anything like this before, I am not naturally good at it. I have SO MUCH to give this world though, and if I don’t stumble through this, ill never get good at it.

If I am not willing to push past the fear, everything I have to teach is going to stay inside of me, wasted.

Successful people get just as scared as everyone else. Any seemingly unwavering confidence is an assumption you are making, and not real life.

With that, I acknowledge and validate your feara, and mine. Yet, I still say … DO IT ANYWAY <3

Now … let me stop self sabotaging and get in the damn shower before I’m late LOL!!!!

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