If I Can’t Bother to Be Appropriately Grateful for What I’m Already Being Blessed with, Why Would I Be Entrusted with More?

Can I share something with you? I am one of the most grateful people I know, and I still have moments of extreme ingratitude. I don’t always notice, but today, I did.

I was chatting with a friend this afternoon and I realized that I have lost the wonder at what I’ve been provided in this career.

Yesterday I registered my husband and I for an all expenses paid trip to the Dominican Republic and I didn’t even blink. I barely mentioned it on Facebook, and even the two us chatted about having been there before, but it still being “nice” to get to go.

It’s my 10th all inclusive trip that Team Beachbody has paid for. I remember the FIRST time someone told me that if I helped just 3 people a month, for a whole year, I could take myself and a guest on a totally free trip. It was January of 2011.

I LOST MY MIND!!! It was all I could think about. I told the world we were going, I posted on Facebook, and I worked my butt off. When we got there we marveled at the amazing resort, the shows, the food, and everything in between.

Every second of that trip was an absolute honor. I was so grateful, and my eyes shined bright as I leaned on Snow’s shoulder near the pool, sharing with him that I’d never stop earning the trips, because we’d be able to take our kids on them someday. We’d be able to give them something we never had, more than we ever thought possible.

10 mind blowing trips later, I am sitting here wondering: When did I lose that wonder? At what point did my quarterly bonuses become expected? Why did the fancy parties, and amazing gifts they give us, become commonplace? Who am I to be indifferent to the prizes that show up at my door every month, as a reward for my work?

I’m not sure when it happened, but I can tell you that it makes a lot of sense that I haven’t reached the level I want to be at in my business. If I can’t bother to be appropriately grateful for what I’m already being blessed with, why would I be entrusted with more?

It punched me right in the face today, and I know I’ve got some changes to make. Coaching has provided me the most incredible life, from freedom of time and constant recognition, to a full time income and deep relationships. I’m living in a world most people only dream of


I really hope you find something in your life to renew your gratitude for today. We are all so incredibly lucky to be alive. Let’s help each other remember that every day above is a gift <3

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