How Does Your Husband Love You? Can You See It?

How does your husband love you? Are you looking for it every day? It doesn’t always come in the way you think it will.

We tend to look for love in the way that we would show it. If we only look for that, there is so much we will miss.

My husband is a teacher, and the other day I came home to this on my desk. I asked if one of the kids made it for him, but it turns out he made it for me!

Its funny how many ways he says I love you in a day. Doing the dishes, taking the trash out, checking the mail, and so on.

He knows I’ll pile dishes to the ceiling in my office when I’m in “the zone” so he just comes and gets them.

He knows I hate when the bed is a mess and I can’t sleep, so he lays out the covers when he goes to bed before me.

He knows that if there are cupcakes, candy or cookies available, they need to come home with him hahaha!!!

I say I love you in a million ways right back, like shopping, meal prep, laundry, cuddles, buying stuff he mentions that he needs or likes, leaving my phone away when we go out, planning things, etc.

These are NOT the same ways he does it. I don’t do any of those things for him and he rarely does what I do. If I mention needing to buy something, I better get it my damn self. He’s screwed if I see a cupcake and he’s not around, I’m eating that ish 😛

The point is simply this: If we stop focusing on the ways people aren’t saying I love you, we will miss the ways they are. I hope you take a moment to LOOK for love today

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