We All Have a Message to the World, and as Soon as We Discover It, We MUST Share It

Worth the read, but long, as always … I wrote something to my team the other day that seems SO fitting today, at the end of another amazing day giving my all to a small group of children that had a day that they will never forget.

Two of them were so sad to go home, they just wanted to stay and keep “working”. They talked about really being able to do these careers as adults because they enjoyed the work so much. plus, no doubt, the little man with the computer, is a genius, and my assistants and accountant should all be worried he might take their job 🙂

What I had written was this: I often hear coaches talk about not wanting to make a profit in the business because it takes away from “the point” of coaching. I have heard this a lot in my time here and I have some thoughts on it. I mean of course I do …I always do 😉

We all have a message to the world, and as soon as we discover it, we MUST share it. It is a gift, and it is precious and it’s so selfish to keep it to ourselves. My message to the world is: You CAN have / do / be ANYTHING you want, no matter where you came from.

It is my purpose in this life to get that message out to as many people as possible, via whatever means necessary. That is how I will have significance with my short time here on earth. Team Beachbody happens to be ONE of the vehicles for that message. It is not my only path to accomplish this, it never has been, it never will be.

HOWEVER it is the ONE that ALSO provides the income for me to to get that message out through so many other channels. I currently dedicate a lot of time to getting that message out through Benchmark Courses, Junior Achievement of Southern California, Planned Parenthood, Rachel’s House Women’s Shelter, and running my own “Financial Fitness” groups on Facebook to get people out of debt, none of which provide me any income at all.

I have thousands of TBB customers at this point, but I would venture to guess I spend MORE time doing work for things that do not make me a dime, than I do running this business.

However without using THIS BUSINESS to get my message out first, and having it pay my bills at this point, I would be tied to some desk, at a job with a vacation policy that would dictate my ability to do that work.

My ability to get my message out to the world, and live my own purpose, would be limited, because I was CHOOSING to accept it. I’d be stifling the very purpose for which I was placed on this earth.

Which is more selfish: Making a small profit off a purchase someone makes while you’re HELPING THEM change their lives or choosing not to live your purpose and not to spread your message because of your own insecurities and fear or weird hang ups about money?

I do incredible work and I will never apologize for my income through coaching. I will never stop sharing my message. I hope you don’t either 🙂

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