Reject the Tyranny of Being Picked – Pick YOURSELF

Do you ever tell yourself, “When I ___, then I’ll be good enough?”

How about “When I achieve____, then what I have to say will matter?”

Or maybe my personal fav, “When I reach _____ goal, then ____ will approve?”

You know the ones. The statements where you’re 7 years old on the playground again, waiting for SOMEONE ELSE to pick you for the team. Waiting for approval, wanting to play, but needing PERMISSION.

Are you waiting to be picked?

I had a huge moment a couple of weeks ago when I said screw it, I’m picking MYSELF.

Most of you know that I have spoken on the nationwide coaches call 4 times. As I was on the way up I also spoke on stage, was flown to speak at multiple quarterly events, made network wide training videos,and so on.

If you’ve been around a while you also know that I hadn’t done ANY of that for well over a year. As I stepped back from the effort in my business, and the people around me kept going, I no longer felt relevant.

I questioned my value A LOT.

After settling here in Austin, I started putting my value back together again. I found my groove, my business started growing, finances in line, health on track, marriage doing amazing … things just started to work again. I am reaching old milestones in brand new ways.

I thought about reaching out to the corporate call coordinator and telling her I’d like to speak again, if there was an opening, and if she thought I had a good topic. I was going to ask her to put me on the schedule to talk about making a comeback in the business.

I immediately stopped myself and thought, no wait until you are making this much money, or at this level, or something grand and dramatic. Don’t ask her until you’ve really shown you deserve it.

I let the idea go for a while. Then 2 weeks ago I sad EFF THAT, I’m relevant now, what I have to say matters, and I can help people TODAY.

I decided to just go for it and run a network wide call on my own, open to any team, and any coach, that needed to make a comeback in their business. I posted about and got a HUGE reaction.

I shared with my fellow leaders what I wanted to offer, and it was met with a resounding YES. I have that call set up for March 23rd with almost 200 RSVPs already. I am certain we are going to max out the attendance for our line!

The point is not that I’m doing the call, the point is I PICKED MYSELF. I didn’t have to wait for PERMISSION to start helping people. I have had struggles and experiences that I can use to help people RIGHT NOW.

I don’t need to wait to see a number on the scale, a number in my bank account, or a number next to my rank, to be able to serve the world. There is nothing wrong with helping people where you are, with what you have.

I won’t waste the gift of my growth by waiting any longer. I hope you won’t either.

JUST GO now. Just start. Pick YOURSELF <3

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