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Do you struggle with any addictions? I have, and probably always will. At this point in my life my food, alcohol, and shopping addictions are all in check, but it doesn’t mean I let my guard down.

In my 20s I got a DUI, as most of you know, and that was a really low point in my journey. As a result, they required me to go to AA or an equivalent.

I choose SMART recovery, because AA just didn’t connect with me. In SMART recovery they address ALL addiction. Food, sex, shopping, drugs, anything.

The focus is on what you can do to make changes and help yourself live a life not under control of any substance or activity. It’s about taking responsibility and action.

One exercise we did was talk about trigger devices, but not in the way you’d think. In a way to trigger a GOOD choice, instead of what sets you on a negative path.

After figuring out the #1 reason I wanted to stay clear of binge drinking, I made myself this bracelet. It’s my trigger device.

I wear it when I am going to be drinking or around excessive alcohol, to remind me that clarity is more important to me than another drink.

Clarity of mind, of purpose, of who I want to be as wife, leader and friend. I know my limits and live within them because I know what I want more.

Most the time I don’t even think about it. It’s not difficult 99% of the time now. Wearing this is just an intention I don’t see the point of stopping now.

If you struggle with something I really encourage you to create or find your own reminder.

Something to help you remember why your choices matter, in the current moment, for your big picture <3

Headed off to wine tasting with some amazing ladies here in Austin, it’s a gorgeous day to connect and relax with girls!!!

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