Who’s the Boss?

People who know my passion and insane work ethic are always surprised to know that I’ve been fired from most of my jobs.

I held over 30 positions in 15 years, usually 2-3 at a time, and I would say at least 50% of them I was fired from.

I always left with great references and had no problem getting more jobs. People loved me. It wasn’t because I was screwing off or sucked at work.

I always had the people skills, I always had the drive and I always performed. I just never survived long without my freedom and a good challenge.

I was making six figures when I was 22, I’m not a stranger to making money, but it wasn’t enough to keep me.

Money was never enough incentive to keep me engaged for longer than my soul and mind were willing.

I absolutely do NOT thrive under two things: Boredom or Restriction.

I was the bank teller that had customers waiting in line longer just to come to my window. I was the call center rep that could cover in any department and be amazing at it.

My customer surveys were always perfect and I was the person they wanted training the new people.

I learned fast, I was good at my job, and you wanted me to be the face of your company if your customer was having an issue.

The issue is that most managers didn’t know what to do with me. I was a clear leader but sucked at the politics and a$$ kissing of the corporate world, so I would only get promoted so far.

You may have noticed I tend to uh…tell it like it is :p

I often had a better way of doing things or a better way of looking at things, but lacking the right title and pay grade, my thoughts didn’t mean jack.

When I was playing by the rules I would come in to a new job, be the best at it, and then get bored. I’d have nothing else to learn or conquer and I’d mentally check out.

I am not the kind of person the corporate world was able to keep engaged. I care too much about living my life on my own terms.

I would be dying inside, but the practical side of wouldn’t leave because I was under the impression you “needed” a job. I thought the 401ks and dental insurance were somehow the pinnacle of adulthood success.

Eventually they’d be forced to fire me for being late, not coming to work, or a technicality metric type thing.

They would always bend over backwards to avoid it, and offer to be a reference for me when it inevitably happened, because of what they knew I was capable of when I cared.

Hear me when I say I LOVE to work. I love to create, connect, teach, learn, grow, struggle, strategize, network, brainstorm, execute, analyze, and build. I freaking love it.

I would choose work, over vacation, all day long. If I am not careful I’ll choose work over friends, family and my own needs. I give my all to my career. I am not lazy and there is nothing wrong with me.

I just didn’t FIT. Just like strong minded creative kids make “bad” students, I make a “bad” employee. I’m not meant to punch a clock, be put in a box, or be told what to do.

I am meant for so much more. I think you are too.

I have been in the entrepreneur world for a decade now and it is my happy place!!! No getting bored, no one else’s rules.

5 years into running my own company and I know I can never go back to anything else.

I grow for a living. Exploration and connection are my metrics. Passion and learning are my agenda. I won’t be labeled, boxed, or told I can’t.

I don’t work for a paycheck, I work for FREEDOM.

I wonder if anyone out there feels the same way? If anyone else knows they have a passion for work, but you don’t quite fit into your cubicle?

I’d love to help you find your own way. I’d love to help you take back your life and use your skills in a place that you would be celebrated, challenged, and encouraged to be yourself <3

If that stirs your soul a little bit, let’s talk. What can it hurt to dream a little right?

Shoot me a message if you feeling like exploring a piece of your soul today <3

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