Yoga Retreat: Feet in the Sand Until May 19th!



I am so excited to be heading out for an entire week to Belize with over 20 amazing coaches just for fun!!!

On a team video chat earlier I came to the realization that I have never gone on a trip for an entire week that was 100% vacation. Even when I went to Europe for a couple months after college I was still working remotely for eBoost. The Team Beachbody trips at some level have a professional¬†aspect to them and all my “just for fun” trips have been a few days at best.

The closest thing I have come was the honeymoon my ex and I went on, but it wasn’t this long. What is crazy is I was easily 220 lbs when I got married and I was miserable and embarrassed the whole time, people even joked “was there any people on your trip?” because there were only pictures of scenery. Mostly I got drunk at ate and tried to pretend we weren’t totally falling apart.

This is going to be a REAL trip just to 100% unplug, no agenda, no rules, just experience. I am so glad to be able to go on this trip and actually LIVE. I am looking forward to yoga, scuba diving, walking the cities, and laying on the beach in one of 5 bikinis, sober and sticking to my healthy eating, and really giving back to my body.

I never even thought I’d be someone that ever had a passport, let alone someone who agrees to a Belize trip on a whim with some crazy “strangers” from Facebook. I love being reminded that it doesn’t matter where you came from, nothing can stop you from where you are going if you want it bad enough <3

If I’m online it’ll only be to share the occasional picture, otherwise consider me totally gone. See you on May 19th!!!

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