Finally Able to Pay it Forward

pay it forward

Last time I posted about this some people got defriended on my Facebook page. If you are closed minded or enjoy being judgmental this post is not for you. You can just wait until the next post about something else  🙂

In high school I rarely went to class, did a lot of drugs, got emancipated and basically ran amuck. The one thing I always did well was give my time. Through all the craziness I actually ended up winning an award for most community service in my senior class. It was of course awarded during an assembly I was not at LOL.

When I was 15 years old I started working as a peer councilor for Planned Parenthood. I got to go around to schools all over the state and educate young people on birth control, absence, abuse support, personal choices and more.

I also got to council young girls who came in the clinic and wanted a peer to talk to. Someone their own age that wasn’t “a grown up” 🙂 I heard a lot of heartbreak but I heard a lot of awesome things too. Connecting with those girls was awesome. I LOVED it  <3

As I got older I actually did volunteer work in a clinic and have been a long term patient of their services. Shout out to PP on College for my IUD that has kept me kid free so far LOL. I have always been a huge supporter of their organization and do my best to educate people on all the awesome things they do whenever I get a chance.

Many of you know I grew up pretty poor. I never considered myself someone who would have fancy places to go, have money to give to charity, or would ever real be someone to attend an event that was both fancy and gave money to charity! For some reason though, the yearly dinner that Planned Parenthood puts on always stayed with me. It has been a dream of mine for years.

Every year I get the invitation in the mail, look at it, and keep it on my desk until the last day to register passes. Every year I have thrown it away with a twinge of disappointment that I still couldn’t afford to go.

NOT THIS YEAR. I am headed out right after this post to spend a night at the 51st Annual Planned Parenthood charity dinner, arm in arm with the love of my life. Aptly themed with a fitness theme this year, just for me I am certain  🙂

This may seem like a silly thing to go on this long about, I guess I just wanted to let you know that all dreams aren’t huge, but they can all come true if you help enough people get what they want 🙂  THANK YOU to everyone who has helped create this life  <3

Off to get all done up for no reason and give money away LOL!!!!



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