7 Ways to Burn More Calories Without Working Out

Not really a fan of working out? That is probably why you clicked the link, so I’m going to guess the answer is yes.

You’re not the only one who doesn’t love regularly working out. There are many people who want to shed off the extra calories, but can’t get themselves in a daily workout routine. That’s been me during the busiest times in my life.

We all know that a good combo of cardio and weightlifting is one of the most effective ways to burn calories, but for people who don’t want to do either of them, or just have too crazy of a life to fit it in, there are many other ways to increase your calorie burn each day.

These won’t make you sweat as much as you would while working out, but if done regularly could make a difference in your progress!

1. Take the Stairs:
If you’re able bodied, and lucky enough to be near a place that has a stair case, don’t ignore it! Take the stairs when going up or down, this will increase your heart rate and help burn off calories.

I know it can be tempting to skip it when you have tons of things to carry, a kid in tow, or somewhere to be, but they really do add up, and eventually can become a great healthy habit!

2. Move While You Scroll
Yes that says scroll, not stroll lol. I mean move during that time you are sitting looking at your phone, tablet, or TV. Standing while you type, walking while you scroll, dancing while you browse, it all adds up.

We spend so much time just sitting, when we could be doing other things with our bodies at the same time. Stretching while your watch your favorite show, or doing some push ups on commercials, can really add up if you’re used to sitting still.

3. Drink More Green Tea or Coffee
Green tea has shown to help with losing weight, as has black coffee.

Drinking a cup of green tea after your meals twice a day can help you shed away the calories that you’ve built up. You can add other healthy ingredients such as peppermint and ginger which are known to speed up digestion and prevent fat from piling up.

As a bonus, the extra liquid will help keep you full a little longer, which doesn’t actually burn calories, but can help you from taking in some extra ones.

4. Get to Sleep on Time
Often it’s not even the food you are eating, or the fact of not exercising, that is causing you to hold onto your extra calories, it’s the irregular sleeping pattern. I had heard this for years, but as a mom I now see this in myself whenever my child struggles with sleep or is sick. My weight loss stalls when I don’t sleep!

When you don’t allow your body the rest and sleep it requires, the body will both tell you that you are hungrier than you are, as well as hold onto stored fat. It’s been proven that people who are sleep deprived tend to eat more than a person who sleeps for at least 7-8 hours. Oversleep can have a negative effect as well, so a routine is a great foundation for weight loss.

5. Park Far Away
Decades ago I had a trainer that didn’t let us park in front of the gym. He always said that the walk in was when our workout started. He said wherever you are “think fitness” and park far away.

Parking your car a little farther away from home, work, or the entrance of the store, will give you the chance to walk back, even when you don’t want to lol. All those extra steps really add up and they don’t take up that much time. Heck, it’s usually faster because the parking is plentiful way out there 😛

6. Drink More Water
Water can make your digestive process more efficient. Drinking water almost half an hour before a meal can reduce your hunger and keep you from eating more food than necessary. Plus, when you have to get up to pee every 20 minutes that helps too lol!

7. Spread Out House Chores
Running around the house and doing chores will help you burn more calories for sure. If you’re like me you stack it all up, dread it for a week, then knock out everything one morning.

You’ll actually keep cleaner house, and move a lot more, if you do one room a day, or one big chore a day. Dishes every night sure, but what if you did floors on Tuesday, bathrooms on Saturday, and so on.

You can feel accomplished and keep your body moving every day!

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