Are You Rushing the Season You Are In?

Why is it that we can love the seasons of the earth, but not of our own lives?

We can find beauty in the dreariest of winters. We enjoy the food, or the company, or the snow covered landscape that takes life to a slower pace.

We can find happiness in the hottest of miserable summers. Enjoying the freedom of time, the stolen kisses, or laughter in the longer days.

Spring brings amazing flowers and new things, yet it also brings rain.

Fall brings the most gorgeous of leaves and sweaters and spices. However it’s also an ending, and the sun is gone, the days are shorter.

Our life has so many seasons as we grow and change. Seasons of work, of love, of loss, of new beginnings.

They take time to pass just as the seasons always do, and they are gone very quickly looking back, just the same.

I see so many people looking forward to the next season of their lives, not stopping to admire the beauty of the one they are in.

Wishing for things to be different and hoping for the future, or longing for the memories of the past, trying to recreate a moment or memory that has passed.

Instead of cherishing what has gone by, as well as what is present, we rush to get to the next season or wish for a old one.

Maybe it’s wanting the kids to go off to school, maybe it’s wanting to graduate college, maybe it’s wanting to rush to the alter after figuring out you’ve met the one.

For some it’s looking back at an old relationship, a time when their body was different, or a place they once lived. Romanticizing what was.

It doesn’t work that way.

This is life, this is your season, a new one will be here before you know it, so embrace this one for all that is <3

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