Is it Bad, or is That Just What You are Choosing to See?

A friend I haven’t been in a lot of touch with just asked me “How has your year been?” and my immediate (in my head) response was “It’s probably been the worst year of my life”.

Um, wow.


That cannot possibly be true.

Yes I could make you a long list about my side business ventures, lack of commitment to my main business, fights with my husband, a deep hatred for living in Texas lol, and a serious struggle with being pregnant, but COME ON.

It might have been a rough year COMPARED to the past few, but is that what I want to look at?

Is that really how I”m going to call this one?

I don’t think so.

I have had WAY WORSE years of my life.

I’ve been so broke I couldn’t get the collectors to stop calling, and filled bankruptcy. I’ve been divorced, battled drinking and drugs, and had huge fall outs with family.

I’ve failed classes, not been sure where I was going live, been fired from jobs, spent the night in jail, been in abusive relationships, moved to a new state all alone at 18, and been suicidal.

I have had deaths in the family, person health crises, and massively hard moments in the past.

The thing is life was really really good there for quite a while, and I forgot how grateful I was to not be at rock bottom.

Sometimes I forget to be grateful for the LACK of pain.

I’ve even shared that sometimes it is hard for me to tell my story because I’m not in touch with the girl I “was”.

I’ve had a year with a LOT of growth opportunities in it this past year, that is for sure. It has been whatever the opposite of smoothing sailing is lol, but it has absolutely NOT been the worst year of my life.

Not even close.

In all reality, my husband is following his dream, and it’s been amazing to watch him grow into that.

None of my family has died, even with some major close calls.

We are almost 6 months pregnant with a little girl we both already love beyond words.

I’ve still been able to pay all our bills with Beachbody, even if some months got tight while Snow was in school.

Really the list can go on, just as long as my list of negatives.

Hell did you see my new kitchen?!?

I’m so glad she asked that question. Really cool moment to call myself out on some serious b*llshit.

Just thought I’d share in case you need to call yourself out on some of your own 😉

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