If only I’d started sooner, I’d….

Do you ever get jealous because someone is further ahead than you?

Like they lost weight faster, they make more money, they got pregnant or married sooner, or they finished college first, moved up faster, etc?

One of my challengers, from my 100 pounds to lose group, made a comment saying she “could have been there already” and it got me thinking about a girl I knew in college.

I swore my friend Steffany was almost as old, when she graduated college, as I was when I STARTED.

I must have said 100 times during those years, how crazy to me it was that she was so young.

How much of a head start she was going to have, and how much I had my head up my a$$ at her age =P

I used to do a lot of “I wish” back then. I wish I had started kindergarten on time (early) so I would have graduated earlier.

I wish I would have actually applied to colleges, instead of skipping it and going to community college.

I wish got to have the “college experience” and other total nonsense like that.

One of my biggest “I wish” was wishing I could have graduated when Steffany did.

I mean we graduated at the same time, I just mean I would have liked to do it like 8 years sooner haha!


At the end of the day we both graduated from SDSU. We’re both alumni of AKPsi. We both have great careers. We’re both married. We have wonderful lives.

I absolutely adore, and respect, this girl AND I’m not jealous anymore.

Plus, I cannot imagine my life without some of the people I went to college with. I wouldn’t know easily my top 20 FAVORITE people in the world, if I hadn’t gone to school, EXACTLY when I did!

At the end of the day we both got where we were going, and we both took our own paths.

It really never mattered in the end.

Your path to YOUR dream, is YOURS.

Walk it or don’t, but don’t blame not walking on it, on the fact that someone else has chosen to walk theirs while you sit.

Just get up and go!

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